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Feb 18, 2009 04:57 PM

ISO Joe's Special

In Seattle I use to go to 13 Coins and have a Joe's Special, which I have heard originated in San Francisco. I'm looking to find it down here near Long Beach, OC and elsewhere if it isn't tooooo far away. TIA

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  1. It might help if you described it. I had a few minutes and like a challenge so I Googled 13 Coins and found a "LITTLE Joe's Special" on the breakfast/lunch menu. Is that it? Ground Beef, spinach, eggs, onions and parmesan cheese?

    It looks like a variation on the "scramble" that can be found on lots of SoCal menus. The exact duplicate may be harder to find but some places might make it for you.

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      Sorry, thought about it, but see, you were smart enough to figure it out, figured other's would know of it. Been to many places and none have it on the menu. Not really easy to explain, and many places don't do scrambles, but rather just omelets. I have tried to request it, but it just doesn't come out the same. So thanks for the suggestion, but still looking to find a place that has it on the menu...even if it isn't called a Joe's Special.

    2. Surprising I've never seen it in LA. Nothing difficult about making it.

      Been to 13 Coins in Seattle and had it there. I usually have it at Joe's of Westlake in Daly City or Original Joe's in San Francisco.

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        Yes, it surprises me too, but when I try to have someone make it, it's isn't right. Guess it's time for a road trip. Thanks anyways.

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          Could have sworn I had it once in LA, but it couldn't have been memorable. I'll keep thinking.

          This is the closest I could find......Brad's Special with ground turkey.....Black Dog Coffee....know nothing about the place.

          Black Dog Coffee
          5657 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles

      2. I've never seen it in L.A. either. For that matter, I've rarely seen another Bay Area dish, the hangtown fry. I did dig up this old thread in case it helps:

        1. Edit: Daily Grill has it on their breakfast menu - various locations

          also, not in your requested parts o' town, but check Green Street Restaurant in Pasadena, which has had it on the breakfast menu forever...(since they recently updated their menu, adding a few things, i'd call first to confirm that it's still there -the online menu doesn't appear to have been changed yet


          Green Street Restaurant
          146 S Shopper's Lane, Pasadena, CA 91101

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          1. re: Local

            Thanks Local, will check out Daily Grill. How is Green St. Restaurant?

            1. re: justagthing

              I have always liked Green Street for breakfast - lots of variations on the scrambled egg theme, incl. Original Joes Special, healthy portions. I think the recipe they use is adopted from the Pasadena Prefers/Junior League Cookbook popular around town with all the moms in the late 60's. Good potatoes (o'brien type with lots of fresh red and green bell pepper/scallions/red rose potatoes)... variations on the poached egg thing too...they serve the zucchini bread option with almost everything, which is likeable, but sweet. service can be slouchy at times.

              Lunch or dinner is adequate - nothing particularly earth shattering, but generally "solid" and consistent- good salads... people get wowed by the Dianne salad- i don't get it.

          2. Ed's Coffee Shop on Robertson between Beverly and Melrose serves it but they call it manuel's special and it is very good. They are open m-s 6-3. They also have great homemade salsa that you can put on the side/