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Feb 18, 2009 04:45 PM

nobu or yasuda

My daughter wants to celebrate her birthday at Nobu. We were there about 7 years ago and it was pretty good. I have heard mixed reviews about Nobu. She doesn't eat a lot of raw sushi, but loves california rolls, unagi and good food. I, on the other hand love excellent sushi and Yasuda seems to get the thumbs up, as the place to go. . I've made reservations at both, but would like some feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've not been to Nobu, but my sense of Yasuda, after a number of visits, is that it is all about the fish. I wouldn't order a California roll there. That said, Yasuda has a wonderful selection of eel, and so that might work for your daughter. There are various fried appetizers that are excellent as well.

    1. Nobu's famous cooked dishes (miso-glazed cod, rock shrimp tempura, etc.) are really what the place is all about. To go there and order rolls would be a profound waste of time and money

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        It's your daughters birthday ,, go to Nobu. the jalapeno yellowtail is their claim to fame . the king crab tempura , new sashimi and oysters are good. the cooked arctic char is good. Go to Nobu 57 , the head chef from original Nobu and then Nobu next door, Sheen san is at Nobu 57. Its a totally different vibe than Yasuda. Your daughter will be happier at Nobu

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          I agree with foodwhisperer; it sounds like your daughter will be much happier at Nobu. I have had wonderful meals at both places, but Yasuda is really all about the fish, and if she isn't into really traditional (raw) sushi, Yasuda will just be wasted on her. Save it for a trip for yourself, and make sure you get a seat at the bar with Yasuda. I think Nobu on the other hand will blow her away -- much better than any cooked stuff she would get at Yasuda. We did the tasting menu there years ago and it still ranks as one of our favorite meals in NYC.

      2. yasuda is all about the raw fish. nobu is about the kitchen.

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          The choice in my mind is pretty obvious. If someone doesn’t like raw fish then Yasuda would be a disaster (and an expensive one at that). Nobu on the other hand has many dishes which would be very good for somebody who doesn’t eat raw fish.

          Key Suggestions: (This is all kind of standard Nobu fare)

          -New Style Sashimi
          -Popcorn Shrimp
          -Sea Bass w/ Miso

          At Nobu there is a whole menu for folks who don’t like raw fish. In contrast at Yasuda you are going to be stuck giving your friend lots and lots of cooked eel (which sounds good at first and then seems progressively grosser!)

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            i'll og even further. i love nobu, but the sushi is underwhelming