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Feb 18, 2009 04:23 PM

Any king cakes in the Boston area?

Mail order makes it prohibitively expensive. Thanks!

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  1. Coffee Time Bake Shop in Salem has them. I got several last year (after years of mail ordering and spending a fortune) and they were pretty good. I'd call ahead to make sure they have them in stock. You do have to jam the baby into the cake yourself, though. Here's a link to their flyer on king cakes

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      Brad at Blue Frog in JP says he's making them.

    2. coffee time bake shop also has really good paczki (polish donuts) and bismarks

      1. I saw the article and recipe in the globe yesterday. I can't imagine having that article and recipe and not providing a photo of it. I was so curious that I googled king cake images and found a picture of how it should look. It's a vision of art and it would have looked so good in the paper.

        1. The Times Picayune published a few relatively easy recipes for king cake :

          It's probably easier to make than to try to find. Good luck.

          1. Wanted to resurrect this post since Mardi Gras is quickly approaching. Any new thoughts on where to get one locally? Thanks