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Feb 18, 2009 03:36 PM

Deciding between 4 Phila Restaurants-help!

I'm trying to decide between 4 restaurants for a party of 8 people. We love good food, good wine, and a nice atmosphere for catching up. If you have any thoughts on the following restaurants, please share :) I haven't been to any of them. Thank you!!
Bistro Romano (reservations are for the lounge/bar with live piano)
Twenty Manning
Pumpkin (BYO)
Ristorante Panorama (although I know the fleets are out of this world, I want to make sure it's great in the other categories above)

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  1. The only one I have been to is Bistro Romano. The atmosphere is nice (if you eat downstairs). I can't imagine eating in the lounge/bar area. I don't think it would be nice. The food is just average,very standard Italian fare. For the price I don't think its a great value. It seems very popular with tourists, though.

    1. Twenty Manning has good food, great drinks, and a fun hip atmosphere, but it is very loud inside. Pumpkin is warm and cozy, feels like a real neighborhood find, and might be your best bet. Only downside is a very small menu, so if anyone has dietary restrictions it can be a problem. I haven't been to the other two. Thank you.

      1. Twenty Manning is an excellent choice. The food is great and the atmosphere is fun. Bistro Romano is subpar food that is overpriced.

        1. I haven't been to Panorama in awhile ( I moved out of Old City and into Queen Village) but the food has never disappointed! Bistro Romano isn't good, can't comment on the others!

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            Pumpkin is excellent (BYO) but tiny. Panorama is also very good. Don't think much of Bistro Romano. Don't know about Twenty Manning.

          2. In part it depends on what you want. I can only comment on Pumpkin and Twenty Manning. The former is a quiet, more subdued neighborhood place. Twenty Manning has a hipper vibe, nicer decor, good drinks, and edgier food (both have good food, they're just different. Pumpkin is homier). I Pumpkin is a BYOB, btw, if that influences the decision.