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Dried black bean question

So I rarely make beans from scratch (dried beans). Cuz' I mostly suck at this but then I can't figure out what to do with the QUANTITY!!

So I pulled a bag of dried black beans out the the pantry and sort thru them and the debris is INCREDIBLE! I bought them at a Hispanic market that I frequent and I like this market. Melt in your mouth tortillas, excellent meat that will make you weep for what they charge and produce that you have to watch out for but I know what I'm doing and everything I've gotten out of there has been very, very good. Oh! and the cheeses! Beyond fresh and worthy. You can put them on . . .dry saltines and they are wonderful. I seriously doubt it's the market.

So - Is the debris in a dried bag of beans usual?? Like rocks the size of your thumb (yes, I know I have small hands, but REALLY??).

i sorted 1/3 bag in a pie pan, pulled out the debris, rinsed them well and have them soaking. We'll have black bean something soon.

But - do ALL dried beans have this debris??

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  1. In short...yup. In most recipes using beans, the first instruction is usually to clean and sort.

    Enjoy the beans!

    1. Agree with bigfellow.

      Big rocks are quite uncommon but you probably got a scoop from, literally, the bottom of the barrel.

      1. Bigfellow speaks the truth...the bags of dried beans do include rocks, pebbles, extraneous matter...but, they are a great value and so healthy ... hopefully, you'll get around to making Goodhealthgourmet's healthy black bean dip sometime...it's wonderful!

        1. Yes, most beans have trash in them. Beans are processed by machine, no hands on sorting, so small rocks, clods of dirt and sticks and grasses can get in the bag. But not in the amounts you're describing. And most of the larger processors do a better job of keeping the trash out, but very small amounts can still get in there.

          If this place packages their own and there is that amount of trash and debris, then I 'd say you have your answer.

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            I find a lot more debris in beans I get from ethnic markets. They are way cheaper, of course.

          2. Yes, but I wouldn't say it's a lot. I have found small pebbles. I cooked some lentils on Monday and there was debris in them as well. You always need to pick through and then rinse well.

            1. If you buy dried beans that come packaged in sealed plastic, you will get cleaner beans with a lot less dirt and debris than if you're getting them out of a store's bulk bin. They'll cost a bit more but IMO it's well worth it.

              1. I disagree. You might get lots of split or deformed beans in some cheaper brands, or bits of organic debris, but a 1 lb bags of beans should contain no rocks at all. Yes, occasionally one or two might slip by, but if I found 3 or more rocks in a single bag or consistently found even one rock per bag in a particular brand, I'd stop buying it. Same for even one rock as big as a smallish human thumb.

                Many latin markets carry more than one brand of beans. Try another. Or tell the manager about your experience.

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                  i Agree . if you have a problem with a particular brand. Then you should consider another. Off the black bean subject< lentils always have a few rocks in them.

                2. I rarely get debris (rarely a pebble, never a rock) in pre-packed black, pinto, or "small red" beans. I more commonly find debris in pre-packed gandules/pigeon peas and mabye "small white beans". I've not bought unpacked, but would if I was confident they were fresher,

                  1. I never get rocks in my black, pinto or red beans. I buy them bulk and organic in a reputable place. These so called "ethnic" markets might be selling third world product or using third world standard for their beans--I'd avoid them. A good coop or healthfood store will have them in bulk for much less than the commercially bagged 'ethnic" stuff. Also, they'll be much fresher--this makes a big difference with beans. You want a recent crop.

                    1. Well, it sounds like most of you have found debris before. Thanks for the input. I'll be cooking the beans today.