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Feb 18, 2009 02:38 PM

A blind date in Centreville

My colleague has a blind date with a man tomorrow night in Centreville, and she's looking for a decent restaurant with a bar where they can meet up.

If she likes the guy, she wants to be able to ask him to stick around for dinner. If he's a dud, she's going to end the evening after a couple drinks. She wants enough people to be around that there will be witnesses if she's placed in danger, yet not so many that they have to yell at each other to be heard.

The prices can be anywhere from cheap to moderate. Atmosphere should be relaxed and friendly. Dress casual.

Any suggestions?

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    1. i used to live in centreville.
      I think sweet water tavern is much more respectable. (i have bad connotations w/ bluewater grille)

      there's also the shopping center over by grand mart (Austins, Red Rock, Carrabas), but they don't have the nice bar to table transition available like Sweetwater.

      Sweet Water Tavern
      14250 Sweetwater Ln, Centreville, VA 20121

      1. how about Ato Plaza? Bar is separate from dining area, they can choose bar, tapas or upstairs for dinner. nice atmosphere, some dishes i really like, some i think are so so. but the mojitos are excellent and- let's talk about what's MOST important: the lighting is FLATTERING!

        hope it works out the way she wants it to!

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          Alto Plazo got like a ZERO score when it was reviewed.

          1. re: discojing

            <biting my old fashioned tongue>

            I had brunch at Alta Plaza. I wouldn't recommend it.

            I think Sweetwater is a better choice. They have 2 bars, so you can find a quiet place by the outdoor bar to talk.