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Feb 18, 2009 02:37 PM

Denison/Sherman Options?

I'm headed to the Denison/Sherman area this weekend for work. I'll be there Sunday-Friday for the next three weeks and I've not been able to come up with many food options, apart from the big chains. Anyone have any suggestions for dinner selections?

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  1. Pretty barren food scene up that way. Chains dominate the action and are always busy.
    For something different drive across the Texoma dam , on 75a I believe, and you will dead end into Colbert. There is a catfish spot there that's pretty interesting. Really old school kind of place.
    Good luck. Post recap if you find some places.

    1. Look, this may not help because it's a little vague, but I'm going to try...

      I traveled that way several times a year for years and finally found a great little Mexican hole-in-the-wall. Unfortunately, I haven't been back through there in quite a while, and can't really remember where it was or what it was called, except that in the motel where I always stopped, the maids were Mexican, and I asked them where the most popular restaurant for Mexican-Americans was, and this place was what they told me. They all agreed it was the best and where they all went. It was attached to a Mexican grocery. I didn't really bother to firmly secure it in my mind because every time I was there, I just asked again. Don't know where you're from, or if you even like real Mexican food (or, for that matter, if you've ever even tried it), but should warn you that there was nothing fancy about this place - it's true working-class Mexican. There was even a cart in the parking lot selling that corn in a cup that you get in the plazas in Mexico.

      So, here's my recommendation: if you're staying in a hotel, undoubtedly there will be some Mexicans on the staff. Describe this place - small, in town, real Mexican not TexMex, connected to a market. I've found that sometimes when they look at my white grandmother face, they're reluctant to recommend places like this to me, but I keep at them until they do. You can add the bit about the corn cart in the parking lot, but that's portable so it might no longer be there.

      I'm sure someone will know.

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        The husband and I are fond of the little Italian restaurant attached to the Homestead Winery in downtown Denison, right on Main. It's not going to blow your mind, but it's solid Italian-American fare and if you're used to Dallas prices, insanely cheap. I believe they have live music on Saturday nights, and it was a fun little scene. Very popular with the locals. I can't recall the name, but look for the sign for the winery on Main St.

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          Is it Devoli's (sp?). A few coworkers that live here have mentioned it...

        2. re: Jaymes

          Can't recall the name of your hole-in-the-wall restaurant but it's at the intersection of Lamar and Willow Street (east of downtown)

          OO Barbeque (also on Lamar east of downtown) is good .

        3. MG's (1721 Woods, Sherman) for really good burgers and hand-cut fries. Buns are outstanding. Atmosphere? Eh. . . Nevertheless, it is one of my favorites in the area.

          City Limits (4531 Texoma Parkway, Sherman) for above-average bar food and cold beer. On some nights, the bar area can get pretty packed. Can be a fun place.

          This next one is based on memory, as it has been a while since I was last there. But, La Mesa (2124 Texoma Parkway, Sherman) used to serve really good fajitas. The other mexican dishes were okay, but not great. Again, it has been many years since I was there, so I cannot vouch for the current quality.

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            La Mesa used to be great but had really gone down hill the last few times I'd been there. El Pueblo (also on Texoma Pkwy) has pretty good food. Its more authentic than the La Mesa fare. 1909 Texoma Pkwy


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              I tried the steak fajita's from La Mesa, and I was far from impressed. I have never understood why Mexican restaurants marinate fajita meat in soy sauce- it ends up tasting like stir fry. Still on the hunt for decent Mexican. I have 1 more week here...

          2. Huck's has pretty decent catfish in a pleasant setting.


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              I'd definitely give the nod to Huck's - even having made the drive from Grapevine. Fried to light-medium golden with a bare and delicately crispy cornmeal coating, they serve a deliciously tender and meaty channel catfish. Word flourishes as they are, it is what it is. I would happily make the drive again - but would find a route that bypasses the construction horror at 121/75 ~~~

              The fried okra is freshly made, but with a light batter exterior rather than my preference of cornmeal, the slaw is creamy with a mayo dressing as is the tarter sauce. The only letdown were the hushpuppies which badly needed an onion spike for flavor, but at least they weren't those little extruded, sweet cylinders of ???.

              Bonus: A gratis treat of green tomato relish is served while you wait for your order. Simple ingredients of crunchy green tomatoes, a bit of sweet, a bit of sour and a bare bit of heat at the back of the throat.

            2. I grew up in Sherman. It is pretty sparse food-wise but two places I always hit when I'm home to see the folks:

              Blue Door Cafe (219 N Travis St) wonderful menu and BYO wine with cheap corking fee

              Kathleen's kitchen (1913 N Travis St
              )Home made soup/sandwich place. Amazing Pie.

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                One of my employees that work in Denison brought me some potato soup and cornbread from Kathleen's- YUM. By far the best thing I've eaten here. Thanks so much for the suggestion...

                1. re: RDUtom

                  Without a doubt, Blue Door was the best in the area.. unfortunately they closed their doors a while back.

                  Kathleen's is also excellent!