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Feb 18, 2009 02:33 PM

Buenos Aires/Salta trip report

Just back from a wonderful trip to Buenos Aires and the Salta region. Already dreaming about going back! To be honest, I didn't think the food in Argentina was anything to write home about. We had some good meals, but nothing special compared to NYC, Paris or even Rio. I don't eat meat, so that might have something to do with it. A couple of observations: first, the coffee is not good, which is strange because there's such an Italian influence. Second, what's with the cheese? It really wasn't good, bizarre since there's so much cattle... But a great trip nonetheless! Here's where we ate:

- Sa Giara, in Palermo Viejo. We ate lunch there on our first day, because it was right near our hotel. The outdoor seating was pleasant, but the food itself was nothing special. I had a tomato-Mozzarella salad, and my husband had a Ceasar salad that was a bit scary.

-Lo De Jesus, in Palermo Viejo. Nice decor, feels kind of old school, which we liked. I had stuffed mushrooms which weren't the greatest (scary cheese), my husband had a good steak. Very good flan for dessert. Fun, low key place for our first night, but I wouldn't rush back.

-Don Julio, Palermo Viejo. This is a great restaurant! We had a wonderfully decadent lunch there, split a bottle of wine etc. Great salads, and steak of course. My husband loved his sausage appetizer. We had a delicious figs and ice-cream dessert. Service was excellent.

-Bar Uriarte, Palermo Viejo. Excellent food, great bread, great cocktails. The outdoor area is extremely pleasant at nice. You feel like you're in Miami (which can be a good or a bad thing!)

-La Catedra, near the Botanical gardens. Had a fun lunch there on Sunday. Not the greatest food (heavy pastas), but not bad either. Great atmosphere, lots of local families having a good time.

- Divina Patagonia, San Telmo. Lovely restaurant, we were the only tourists. very nice waitress. Food is creative, but fish was overcooked. Maybe it's better for meat? I would give it another shot when I go back.

-Los Loros, San Telmo. Loved this restaurant! It's more international ( lots of interesting salads, spices, etc), than really Argentine,. Lovely decor on a pretty street. Nice to go when you're tired of steaks. Not as cheap as some of the other places. I had very good gnocchi.

-Origen, San Telmo. More of a cafe. one of the few places with good coffee. Nice, light foos for lunch. Good outdoor seating with great people watching. There's a great jelado place next door...

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  1. "the coffee is not good"

    Absolutely correct.
    No explanation whatsoever.
    Locals are so used to this stuff that it seems perfectly normal to them.
    I'm tempted to send a sample to a lab, reminds me of a chicoree / roasted beans / bad coffee mix of sorts.

    Not too sure re. cheeses. Pizza's mozzarella is pretty good. Reggiano not bad either.