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Feb 18, 2009 02:13 PM

Breakfast at Joe's? (Or nearby, Redondo Beach)

I'll be in Redondo Beach on Sunday morning, and driving back to Glendale, with a quick stop in the mid-Wilshire area.

Is there anyplace in the area great for breakfast? Ideally, the place will take credit cards, have strong black coffee, and great food!


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  1. Original Pancake house right on PCH in Redondo. AWESOME breakfast! I suggest the 49er flapjacks, side of a breakfast meat of your choice and their killer coffee.

    1. If you wouldn't mind something somewhat heathly... try Good Stuff... they have several locations. Haven't had their coffee though.

      1. Any other ideas? I know it's a pipe dream--but I'm trying to avoid super long waits.

        It doesn't have to be Redondo--anything along the way back would be great!

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          CJ's Pantry on Catalina in Redondo
          Cozy Cafe (very tiny) on PCH in Redondo
          Ocean DIner on Aviation and Ocean in Hermosa-people say the coffee is good , it's from Java Man.
          Rocky Cola Cafe on PCH at Aviation-the only thing I've had there are the buckwheat pancakes. They were good. They offer healthy body builder menu as well.
          Creme de la Crepe-two locations-Catalina (?) in the Riviera and on Pier in Hermosa
          Uncle Bills on Highland in Manhattan
          Panns on La Cienega (do I have that right) in Ladera Heights.

          Re: long waits-Uncle Bills is always packed. Depending on how early you are, the others are not too bad. Ocean Diner has chairs and free coffee while you wait.

          1. re: Densible

            Uncle Bill's has a great cheddar cheese and bacon waffle.

            1. re: Densible

              I went to the Rocky Cola Cafe and one of the bus boys who was working his you-know-what-off had the worst body odor, like he hadn't showered for weeks. It made us nauseated. We told the owner who apologized and took a bit off the top of the bill. Even so, the service also stunk. My wife and I would never go back,

            1. We decided to go to Pann's. Yay!! I usually go returning from LAX, so to be their at breakfast time was something new.

              Two members of the table ordered wings and waffles, I got the spinach omelet (with mushrooms and swiss) a biscuit, grits, and a side of fruit.

              I've had their wings and waffles before, and enjoyed them--good thing too--because my companions ate ALL of their food, without offering me any!! My omelet was very good, and the biscuit was heavenly. I don't think I needed the grits, and the fresh fruit was good, fresh and sweet.

              Nice little touches too--our waitress brought extra forks to share the fruit, and my water glass and coffee cup stayed full!