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Feb 18, 2009 01:56 PM

Sam's Coventry Diner: Pottstown

Went into this new diner on Rt. 724 near the Coventry Mall. It used to be a Pizza Hut, but still felt like it, only different colors and no pizza. It looked and felt dirty and dingy, the tomato soup was Campbell's straight out of a can, and the tuna melt was so-so. You could do much better at Friendly's a mile away.

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  1. I was really excited when I saw this place was going to open. The limited selection of non-chain restaurants is pretty slim. My husband and I have gone twice for dinner. The first time we went, my husbands order was wrong and had to be sent back. My meal was very good. I thought this was a sign of good food with opening weekend service issues.

    The second time we went, the service was very good but the food was terrible. Plus, the place is freezing. Everytime the door opens, a huge draft blows through the place. I ate with my coat on!

    I hope they can get their food quality issues worked out. Sam's would be a nice option for casual dining in the area. Otherwise, we'll always have the Coventry Cafe!

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    1. re: obx_nancy

      obx_nancy - -how IS the Coventry Cafe? I have never been there, but have seen it in passing. Is it worth the trip?

      1. re: CucinadiNana

        There breakfast is very good. The sausage gravy is wonderful. Haven't had much there besides breakfast but it's all tasty. It's not worth the special trip but its good dependable food. And the place is one of the cleanest restaurants I've been. They only accept cash and the wait can be a little long on the weekend morning.

      2. re: obx_nancy

        Now that you mentioned it, they didn't have that sort of vestibule that most diners have that would cut out the cold blast of air every time the door is opened. I really love the Collegeville Diner; they have great Greek specialties like the Greek Trio: Spanikopita, Pastitsio, and Moussaka, YUM.

        1. re: 94Bravo

          I love the Collegeville Diner. I think it's on of the best around.

          Has anyone heard details on Giovanni's Pizza that's opening on 724 near the Coventry Cafe? I drove by yesterday and the sign says "Opening Soon".

        2. re: obx_nancy

          Freezing would be a deal breaker for me this time of year. I wonder if they can do anything about it. Reminds me of a saturday night live skit I saw awhile back.