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Feb 18, 2009 01:44 PM

Quickie question: Decent place right on the metro?

Hi guys,

Sorry, I'm having a mega brain fart - we've got tickets to a show at Place des Arts tonite, and had planned to eat at Amelio's beforehand. But with the weather acting up, we'd rather grab a bite without having to surface and brave the wind and snow.

I keep trying to think of decent places but my brain has latched onto the food courts and can't seem to think outside the box. I'm sure there must be some good options I'm overlooking, can anyone suggest something? East side of orange line, central green or blue lines, it's all good!

Thanks in advance, hope someone can help!

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  1. like right *in* the metro? that I don't know, but just a little up from there is Osaka (homey japanese): Bleury, just below Sherbrooke.

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      been there twice and it was goooood.

    2. Food court-wise, I like the Basha's under the Simmons, notably their Vegetarian Plate, and AquaLunch (corny name, decent enough fish)

      1. This may be too late (if so, sorry!) but what I do when I'm seeing a show at PDA and the weather is bad is take the orange line to Place d'Armes, and walk through Guy Favreau to the La Gauchetiere exit, and toddle over somewhere in Chinatown. Then we go back into Guy Favreau and walk underground, through Complexe Desjardins, right to PDA - no need to go outside again.

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        1. Catercornered from PDA: Café du Nouveau Monde.

          East side of Clark, just north of de Maisonneuve (on the second floor): Niu Kee

          Both require you surface briefly however.

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            carswell, now your cooking with gas. Good place, good food.

          2. You go see Radu Lupu? So did my husband and mother. Now that's what I call a date!! Better him then me (with her that is).

            I suggest Cafe du Nouveau monde. LOVE LOVE LOVE that place!