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Feb 18, 2009 01:22 PM

Dining at Ten Tables -- Recommendations?

I have an upcoming reservation at Ten Tables and was wondering if there were any "must try" dishes on the menu. I looked around the boards a bit already and saw that many people like their charcuterie plate -- is that the chicken liver terrine they currently have on the menu or is it something else? What else have people had that they liked? Thanks in advance.

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  1. chocolate terrine with thai basil ice cream for dessert

    1. roasted beets appetizer and seared squid appetizer.

      1. homemade sausage. version with lentils/beans is awesome.

        1. I really enjoyed the rabbit with pappardelle. I'm not certain it's still on the menu, but it was delicious. A very good dining experience.

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          1. re: CocoDan

            Do you remember how they prepared the rabbit with the pappardelle? Do you think it'd be similar to the cavatelli with lamb ragu they currently have on the menu (and looks great)?

            Also, has anyone had the vegetarian tasting menu? I'm not a vegetarian but if it's something meat-eaters could enjoy I wouldn't be opposed to trying it out...Thanks!

            1. re: samosk318

              The vegetarian tasting menu is terrific and a great value. I think a carnivore could certainly enjoy it if not in the mood for meat.

              Only thing I don't like about it is not getting to choose my dessert - for some reason there's always something on the regular menu that sounds much better than what they choose to give for the tasting. (Their creme brulee is blah.)

              1. re: edamame

                Do you get to see what the courses are on the tasting menu prior to choosing, or is more of a "chef's whim" kind of thing?

                Thanks for the advice on the creme brulee. It's usually a go-to dessert of mine, but there seem to be many more interesting options on the dessert menu right now. If I don't go the tasting menu route, I'll probably be torn between the chocolate terrine (per galangatron's recommendation) and the banana upside down cake. Anyone have any thoughts regarding the latter option?

                1. re: samosk318

                  Chef's whim, but in my experience you can predict what you will have based on the regular menu. E.g., if the regular menu is what's online now, I would guess that the tasting menu is: beet salad, garlic soup, ricotta cavatelli minus the lamb ragu plus some sort of vegetable sauce, dessert. I think the portions of the soup course, and maybe the salad, might be a little smaller than what you would get if you ordered a la carte. Still a steal. Love this place.

          2. I haven't been this winter, but last year they made the BEST brandade de morue I've ever eaten, hands down. It's a puree of salt cod and potatoes and i don't know what else, served warm with little toasts to spread it on.