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Apr 16, 2004 04:16 PM

Hooray - Farewell to Koo Koo Roo Beverly Hills

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Just drove by today, and though I was moving in the car, I believe a new Hana Sushi is going in.

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  1. Now we won't have to drive to Brentwood to be seen!

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    1. re: Curt


      I've actually never been to Hana Sushi - sounds trendy from your post. I was more excited to be rid of god-awful Koo Koo Roo blaring bad music into the street and roping off their parking lot next to Peet's every morning.

      I suppose it would have been better to have another casual spot open up there, but a good one. Oh well.

      1. re: Scooty

        Duh.....Actually, Koo Koo Roo is still there. I assumed the vacant spot for Hana used to be Koo Koo Roo because it's next to the Koo Koo Roo only lot.

        1. re: Scooty

          Well, my wife, at least, will be relieved to hear this, since this is our local Koo Koo Roo. Mock us as y'all may, she really likes KKR chicken and some of their sides are not bad--she likes the sweet potato, butternut squash, and some of the salads, and I actually think their macaroni & cheese is not half bad, for fast food. Since we are not blessed to have a Dino's or a Zankou or some such in our benighted 'hood, we must make do with the chains.

          1. re: PayOrPlay

            I used to love KKR's fresh roasted turkey, but haven't been back since they stopped serving it about a year ago!

            1. re: LesThePress

              I liked the fresh turkey too, but a couple of times I felt sort of sick after eating a KKR turkey sandwich. Maybe once from the Beverly Drive KKR, and once from the Little S.M./Sepulveda KKR. So that was the end of my KKR patronage.

              1. re: Debbie

                How funny would it be if Koo Koo Roo in Beverly Hills now actually DID close?

                (with apologies to the people that do like it, of course - to each his own....)

                1. re: Scooty

                  Actually, it did. Just this week apparently. The only ones left are Larchmont, West Hollywood and Santa Monica.

                  1. re: tmp00

                    isn't there one on Miracle Mile as well? Right next to Marie Callender?

                  2. re: Scooty

                    And now its former parking lot charges $3.00 to park, even for 20 minutes at 8am to go into Peet's next door, no exceptions or validations.
                    How much biz do you think Peet's lost by this maneuver?

                    1. re: carter

                      Since this is a 6 year old post I figure that the economics may have worked themselves out by this point.

                      1. re: Servorg

                        The funny thing about this is that, although this post is 6 years old, the Beverly Hills Koo Koo Roo only just closed this week!

                        1. re: mollyomormon

                          My daughter informed me that the woodland hills location if boarded up! I wonder if the chain has closed.

                          1. re: compucook

                            Bankruptcy. I know the Santa Monica Store will remain open.

                            1. re: wienermobile

                              They'd really gone down hill, I just tried the WLA number and it's disconnected. My only regret is that they'd deliver food when we were having a board meeting. Now I'm left with fewer choices. Cafe Dijon on Sawtelle seems to have been sold or lowered their standards on the chicken, so I'm less inclined to order from them either. Sigh...

                2. re: LesThePress

                  they don't serve fresh roasted turkey anymore, i really liked those turkey sandwiches on french roll with macoroni and cheese was great those fews times on a blue moon i got out there.

        2. I can still remember the original Koo Koo Roo on 6th St in Koreatown. The original owner was obsessed with quality and it showed. Sadly, Koo Koo Roo went downhill when it expanded.

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          1. re: JosephEBacon

            I noticed the one on Riverside in Toluka Lake was closed a few weeks ago. It was my usual place to swing by and pick up dinner after work. Too bad. I do miss their Turkey Pot Pie.

            1. re: Ashibi

              So is the one in Canoga Park/Woodland Hills/Warner Center next to Fry's.

              Canoga Cafe
              6200 Canoga Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367