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Feb 18, 2009 12:27 PM

Honolulu, Visiting Vegan

A friend and her husband are coming for a visit next week. She is essentially vegan (occasional dairy, no eggs). I know that there is a vegan Buddhist restaurant (or used to be) in the Cultural Plaza, and that most Thai restaurants can accommodate her diet, but would love to have some other suggestions. They will be staying in Waikiki, and probably not have a car most of the time they are here.


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  1. A really great list to check out is the VSH website:
    The Krishna's make super tasty vegan food, but the locations are a bit out of the way (Govinda at UH, Govindaji in Fort St Mall, and the Temple in Nuuanu). The Indian restaurants are also a good option for vegan dishes.

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      thanks so much, recognized a few places I already like and will enjoy taking my friends, what a great website.

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        Just a week or so ago I read an article but can't remember was it the Advertiser or Star Bulletin or the weekly about a new vegan place that opened up and I think it was near
        Sidestreet area. I'm drawing a blank but it was a good write up.

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          thanks, I hate the advertiser search engine. i can find comments on the article, but not the article, apparently it has been archived...LOL.

          malma pono manomin

          (or maybe it was a different article altogether)

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            The Advertiser has an online dining and entertainment section called Metromix that is located under their TGIF tab. You can find most, but not all of their entertainment reports here:

            You can search for restaurants by cuisine and access the link to Vegan:

            The Star Bulletin's food critic is Nadine Kam who writes the Weekly Eater. You can find her under Features. She wrote about Down to Earth on Dec. 28, 2008, which I think is the article that you were mentioning. Here's a link to her archives: