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Feb 18, 2009 12:26 PM

Student-friendly restaurant in Toronto for 20th birthday

Hi everyone!

I'm a university student with my 20th coming up in a month and I'd like to celebrate with friends downtown. My vision for my birthday is to spend it at a nice restaurant that 's easy on my student budget.

Last month we went for a friend's 21st at Vivoli, and while it was a great overall experience (review pending) it was too pricey for us to go the second time around.

My ideal price maximum is around $20 per person. The other concern is for a place that does great vegetarian (quite a few of my friends go veg). Other than that, I've been generally thinking Italian, Spanish (although that may be out the window - tapas prices are outrageous in TO!) or a fusion place. I'd love a good bistro too.

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  1. I've hosted events for groups three times at Cafe Mercatto on Toronto street and I think it would fit your needs on budget and veg options.

    1. Happy early birthday, Rienna! Here are my recommendations:

      A great bistro with great pricing but few vegetarian dishes: Le Paradis (upper Annex).

      Veg place that was good the last time I went and reasonably priced: Fressen (Queen West)

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        Thank you!
        I think I'll add Fressen to my potential list... I'll have to visit Le Paradis some other time because it looks divine. Out of all the offerings, what did you find the best, by the way?

        1. re: Rienna

          I love the bourride (which occasionally is called Bouillabaisse when Le Paradis wants to mix it up). It is the best priced one I've encountered in the city and never fails to satisfy. Yum!
          Hope you enjoy. They're also great with their daily fruit tartes...
          I think I need to go back soon!

      2. If you want to try something different, you could head out to Addis Ababa (Queen, west of Ossingston) or another Ethiopian place. Lots of vegetarian options, great in a group, and definitely roughly than $20 per person.