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Feb 18, 2009 12:22 PM

Please recommend a casual bar/eatery for 10+ in NorthWest or North Central

hello everyone,

i'm looking for a casual place far northwest to north central, where 10ish people can socialize with good, reasonably priced cocktails and decent food/nibblies for those who want it.

we want to mingle, and people will be coming and going, so a reservation-type place isn't gonna cut it.

in the past, i've relied on opal devine's marina and trudy's northstar (want something new), and curra's long bar, which is now defunct.

i'm looking for something similar, but can't think of anything that fits the bill, that i am familiar with.

any suggestions? i'm willing to gamble on a place i haven't been yet, if it's CH-approved.


[edited to clarify that we are looking for cocktails, so a beer-only place won't cut it]

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  1. Billy's on Burnet, Cover 3 (my personal favorite these days), NxNW bar area or the back patio is nice, Berry Hill Baha Grill, C. Hunts (very low brow, but fun and cheap)

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    1. re: amysuehere

      you know, there is a thread on cover3 here.
      plus one of my co-workers knows the manager so hmmmm...
      thanks for jogging my memory and giving me some new options, too.

      1. re: amysuehere

        Couldn't find the Cover 3 thread. But just came back and it was very, very good. Prices were reasonable, $21 (not including tip) for Sparkling Water, Pork Lettuce Wraps and Chicken Club with "Cover 3 Slaw".

        Did someone say BIG portions? Wow. The lettuce wrap appetizer came with a half a head of iceberg lettuce, no exaggeration! The chicken was cooked perfectly juicy, not flattened and dry. The quality of ingredients showed in the slaw. Mixed with the hand cut green and red cabbage, was carrots, toasted walnuts, bleu cheese and raisins. I may have missed some ingredients. Can anyone help out? Oh! fresh, crisp apples! I think gala or McIntosh. Anything else?

        Extensive drink menu (wine, spirits, beer), sports all around and friendly service. Definitely would come back.

      2. Agree with Amysue on Cover 3. We have been several times now trying the appetizers, sandwiches, and steaks. My favorites include the Green Chile Nachos - Beans, fajita meat, sauce - oooey gooey good, the reuben - huge but delicious. Lots of meat and cheese. Prefer the chop house burger with parmesan fries over the steak. Also have had the fried chicken breast with garlic mashed potatoes. Good, but not as good as the burger and nachos. Portions are huge. Somewhat pricey, but I don't mind paying for quality when it is this good.

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          They do the chicken fried chicken for lunch special. I really think it's wonderful and the right price at lunch. I also do their happy hour and either get the shrimp/oyster combo or the sashimi tuna.

        2. I will vouch for NXNW. Great beer, good food and reasonable prices.

          1. Marabelle's on Mesa is very nice and has good food. Good wine selection. I have never been a fan of NXNW-I have tried on several occasions and just don't get what everyone sees.