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Feb 18, 2009 12:14 PM

Whole Tenderloin BJ's or Costco?

Hope I posted this on the right board! Please move it if I did not. Thanks! Looking to purchase a whole tenderloin for this saturday. Thought about going to my local BJ's or Costco...any recommendations? Thanks

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  1. We no longer have BJ's, only Costco, but I have served tenderloin from both. Had no complaints with either of them, found all their meats to be pretty good. Would call the stores and find out how much per lb? As I recall, they both come in cryovac with sinew and silver skin still on, so when buying, figure some wastage for this.

    1. We have purchased whole tenderloin from BJs. The quality was pretty good and if I remember correctly the price was cheaper than any of our local grocery stores (here in CT).

      1. Qualitywise, almost all prepackaged beef in this country comes from one of two manufacturers, so not worth worrying about. Whoever has the best price should be the only consideration.

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          Exactly - price is the only issue I'd consider. Both are very likely choice cuts, so the quality should be exactly the same.

        2. We get a whole tenderloin every Christmas from Costco and make a salt-crusted tenderloin (from Good Eats). Turns out wonderful. I trim the membrane and fat and end up with about 1 1/2 lbs. of tenderloin which I make later - Tenderloin Tips on Toast. Prices are quite a bit better than the local groceries.

          1. Funny you asked! I brought two from Costco's over the weekend. The price was 7.59 per lb! It is THE best way to buy tenderloin if you do not mind trimming it. Can't wait to make Beef Stroganoff.