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Feb 18, 2009 12:14 PM

T'Dori in Conshohocken

Anyone have any recommondations off the menu from T'Dori on Ridge Pike? A friend told me they have great sanwiches

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  1. Your post just freaked me out! I'm from Erdenheim and just got take out from T'Dori today for the first time in months. Your friend is correct! They have great everything. I usually get salads. They are huge and they make the best caesar. The owners are Italian so all of the Italian inspired sandwiches are the best. Today they had a "Conshy" hoagie with Prosciutto, soppressata, Cappicola, roasted peppers, aged provolone, etc, etc. Their pasta is great also. They cater a lot of my parties and deliver to Erdenheim.

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      Wow, who knew there was such an Erdenheim contingent on CH? As another Erdenheim resident, I guess I have to go check this place out! Thanks for the tip.

    2. I love T'Dori! by far the best turkey clubs and italian grinders in the area.

      1. Thanks for the input. I was craving a chicken parm sandy and it had T'Dori written all over it. Made my first trek to T'Dori and got sucked into the sight of a tuna melt leaving the counter. Went with the melt. It was really good. That place is the real deal. Love the football Giants pictures above the counter.(native NY'er) Wish it was a bit closer bit I'll be a regular. I've marked a lot of things off the menu I will need to try.
        P.S. I'm new to posting but have read this site for a while. Hillster, you are the guy that sent me to the bottom of Chestnut Hill for Grass fed beef. I went 3 saturdays in a row, no market, no beef. I guess it's seasonal.

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          Oh, I'm so sorry about that!! I didn't know either! This was the first season that I discovered it myself. I was so disappointed when I discovered that it was seasonal. I will make sure to post when I find out that it is open again. It is worth the wait. I really miss their short ribs!

          1. The chicken salad prepared at T'Dori is the absolute BEST in the world: flavorful, incredibly creamy, uniform cut pieces of white breast chicken and finely chopped celery. After swearing that I would never again order chicken salad out because of all of the gristle, bone and cartilage I've been served over the years, I was pleasantly shocked to find that T'Dori's was perfect. I've been unable to replicate it at home! I'm guessing that a bacon and chicken salad sandwich would send me to piggy heaven....that meal is definitely on my To Do List.