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Woman-owned Restaurants, philadelphia

I was looking for a list of woman-owned restaurants in Philadelphia because we're putting together a Women's History Month contest at work for March. Does anyone have good recommendations / know of a list anywhere online that I could access?

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  1. Don't know about a list but Soul in Chestnut Hill is Mother- Daughter owner/operated

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      I bet Susanna Foo is as are Margaret Kuo's restaurants. Also Bindi/Lolita/Grocery is all woman owned (times two) and run.

    2. Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran own Lolita and Bindi.

      1. Susanna Foo?
        Audrey Claire?
        Geechie Girl?

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          I believe Audrey Claire & Twenty Manning are both owned by Audrey.

        2. homeslice and a full plate in northern liberties

          1. Picnic - owned/operated by Anne-Marie Lasher.

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              Not sure if you mean literally the city limits of Philadelphia or the metro area, but Alison Barshak in Montogomery County--Alison at Blue Bell and Alison Two.

            2. Cafette in Chestnut Hill and Konak in Old City.

              1. Paradiso and Izumi in South Philly are owned by Lynn Rinaldi.


                Others that I know of are...

                Mamma Maria's

                1. Wow I really appreciate all of your responses so far this is extremely helpful!

                  1. I believe Mezza Luna and Cucina Forte are owned by Maria Forte.

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                      I think it is only Cucina Forte.
                      I believe August at 12th and Dickenson is woman owned and operated. Also Fork is at least co-owned by Ellen Yin

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                            August is owned and run by two women and they do a great job. It's one of our favorite places! byob, cash only.

                    2. have you contacted the chamber of commerce or the tourist bureau or the restaurant association? Any of these might be able to help (and maybe even the breast cancer society

                      1. There's Maureen Ferguson, co-owner of Du Jour Market. And Delilah Winder, a chef who has owned restaurants and is currently an RTM purveyor.

                        1. White Dog in West Philly - owner Judy Wicks

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                            not anymore, she sold it a few weeks ago.

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                              wait, she sold it? i thought they'd just closed for renovations / and hired a new exec chef. is she no longer at the helm?

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                                Really? I haven't heard that. They did fire a lot of people last month, but I don't think the place changed hands. The website doesn't mention it.

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                                  I thought she kept a percentage of it

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                                    Last I heard, she co-owns it with one of the Du Jour owners, Marty Grims.

                                2. Sketch at 413 East Girard Ave. in Fishtown.