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Feb 18, 2009 11:44 AM

downtown Toledo restaurants?

I'm going to be in Toledo next week, staying at the Toledo Club (near Toledo School for the Arts). I won't have a car, so I'm looking for restaurant recommendations that are within walking or reasonable taxi distance. Unfortunately, I don't know the area at all, so trying to figure out from previous threads what was located downtown and what was in the "environs" was difficult.

Anyone have any suggestions? I particularly love tasty and reasonably priced ethnic food, though I'm also open to fine dining and other options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Giorgio's ( ) is decent and is downtown, right next to the performing arts center, maybe eight blocks or so down Adams Street from the Toledo School for the Arts. They feature fresh seafood; the food and service are very good, albeit rather old-fashioned in style, but good.

    I'm pretty sure nothing else downtown would qualify as "fine dining" (since Diva closed, anyway). I'm not sure what else is downtown, such as ethnic options.

    You can find more recommendations in the Toledo discussion at

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      I don't think I'd go strolling around down there at night.

      There are a few places along Adams in that area, which had a sort of stab at redevelopment a few years ago.

      This place would be within cab distance. Never eaten there but always been curious about it. Old place in a terrible neighborhood that's been there since the 1930s.

      Farther out Monroe is the Beirut. Lebanese food in Toledo runs pretty good.

      Good luck. Not a great restaurant town, although it has other virtues. I know it less well than I once did, so if you find some great spots, please post. The Mancy's group of restaurants are pretty good, but none is downtown.

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        is the scottish pub/restaurant still downtown? it was nice. nothing spectacular but a good place to spend an evening.
        grumpy's is downtown and has great sandwiches/subs.

        honestly i'd try to check out tony packo's - because how often do you get a chance to check out such a classic and it's not far from downtown.
        i also second the lebanese food. byblos and beirut are both great.

    2. Manos is good for Greek food although service may be a bit spotty. Good saganaki, nonetheless.

      Cousino's Navy Bistro by the Docks is also a good option.

      I've heard great things about The Budapest although I'd call ahead and make sure they're open since they have odd hours.

      Also, Manhattan's is another place you can probably look into.

      1. I think Manos is your best bet if you are walking. It is only 4 blocks from tne Toledo Club The other places are not really walkable in the winter. The Toledo Club is at the edge of the central business district and quite a ways from the river where most of the limited activity takes place. Manos also fulfills your request for ethnic and reasonably priced. Giorgio's is quite nice but substantially more expensive and a longer walk. Other places mentioned (e.g., Budapest, Beirut, while good would require a vehicle or a cab, and in Toledo you have to phone to order a cab. Manhattans is close by, but I have heard very mixed reviews lately. The last time I tried either, I preferred Manos.