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Feb 18, 2009 11:40 AM

Lunch Ideas for Washington Square

We're coming to look at NYU on Friday. Are there any good lunch places around Washington Square? One our party is a picky eater so we don't really do ethnic except for pizza/Italian.
and Chinese.

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  1. Otto is quite close and always great for lunch. Delicious pizza!

    1. that's wht i came on here to reccomend. otto, definitely.

      1. Monte's and Villa Mosconi, both on Macdougal, south of the park, Old world Italian that serve very good pasta and veal..Also Volare on West 4th btwn Macdougal and 6th Ave.

        These three have been around for years..


        1. lupa is awesome. it's on houston and thompson. their pasta dishes won't set you back too much $$$. the pasta dishes will run you from $12 - $16 or so. truly delicious pasta. otto, though i've never tried it before, seems like it has a little more casual atmosphere, so maybe it would be better for lunch, i dunno. i have heard raves about their olive oil gelato (and all the other gelato there), so that may also be a draw.

          you might want to try the grey dog on carmine street. it is a cute place with sandwiches and salads. i never found the food there to be excellent (it's good, but not awesome), but a lot of people love this place. it's got a nice, laidback ambiance.

          there's also 'ino. it's a winebar, but also has GREAT italian panini, tramezzini, salads, and such. try the truffled egg toast if you go. and one of their delicious panini.

          if you like french pastries, GO to patisserie claude on west 4th between barrow and jones. try the pain au chocolat or one of the fruit tarts (apricot/pear/apple). i heard the eclairs are also great. it's my favorite patisserie in new york. there's also rocco's italian pastry shop and amy's bread on bleecker street. beard papa's cream puffs are fun and tasty (on carmine) and there is also l'arte del gelato on 7th avenue (great pistachio gelato.....).

          hope you have a good food afternoon! let us know what you end up doing!

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            I agree with your Lupa recommendation. First thing I thought of, too.

          2. For either dessert or a lighter, casual lunch, Peanut Butter & Co is a fun concept, and I don't know of anyone (other than those with nut allergies) who doesn't like a peanut butter sandwich of some sort! They have all sorts of iterations, including a dessert-style fluffernutter.