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Feb 18, 2009 11:37 AM

attention Lafayette, Indiana sushi fans

Just wanted to put the word out that the new Maru Sushi in West Lafayette is a welcome new addition to the sparse ethnic dining options in this area. It's a tiny place so I'm a bit reluctant to put the word out and fill the place up but hey, I want them to stay around. IMO, better sushi than any other option in the area and reasonably priced compared to other sushi places here. They are at 111 N Chauncey in West Lafayette. Let me know what you think if you go.

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  1. Maru is a great addition to the WL scene. The hotpot bibimbap is a great korean dish, suggest you try it to expand your palette. One thing about the sushi though is their choice to use "white tuna" as one of their offerings. This type of fish has been banned in Japan (and any true Japanese restaurant) and is not a tuna at all. It is actually escolar. Link provided
    Read and decide for yourself however I feel they are taking liberties. I also noticed some of the portions were small.
    In my opinion the best sushi is Heisei. Heisei is operated by a Japanese shipping company. Many Japanese companies in the area entertain their clients there because of the authenticity. Heisei remains very true to Japanese standards at a time when you are able to buy sushi everywhere from the grocery store to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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      What's wrong with Escolar? I know a TON of Japanese places that sell it as "white tuna" (it's very different from albacore) and I've also had it sold as Walu and butterfish at seafood restaurants. I actually had a large 8oz portion once and had the referenced "health issues" but i'm not sure why it would be considered toxic or be banned... It doesn't seem any worse than that synthetic oil stuff (Olestra?) though I can understand the mis-labeling issue. Otherwise, I love the stuff!