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Feb 18, 2009 11:34 AM

Southeast Asian grocery store within 10-20 minutes of Boston?

I'm sure that this has been asked before, but the search function is only pulling up the Battambang market in Lowell. I was wondering if there's anything closer than that. I'm in Somerville and would prefer to find a place that would have more SE asian ingredients. I used to go to Super88 and that would be sufficient, but now it's even less so with their reduction in grocery aisles. I guess Chinatown is the only other option, but I would love a place with parking. Have never been to CMart, but the crowds kind of intimidate me. So much to ask, huh? Thanks!

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  1. C Mart really is your best bet, especially for variety. Reliable Market in Somerville is tiny but pretty good.

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      Kam Man is much larger and better stocked than C-Mart.

      1. re: C. Hamster

        totally agree; C-mart is especially lacking for Southeast Asian stuff.

        1. re: yuanzhoulv

          They've gotten better though. I found Durian in there the other day. I hate Durian, but it was there.

    2. Kam Man in Quincy is much more fully stocked than 88, with lots of SE asian stuff. Certainly more stuff than anywhere in Chinatown.

      Lots of parking if you can tolerate some craziness. Just park way out and walk to the store through the plaza.

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        Kam Man is THE place. Reliable is really only Korean and Japanese with a smattering of other stuff.

      2. there are a handful of se asian markets on shirley ave in revere. angkor watt market and angkor thom market are the largest and have the best selection. they're almost across the street from each other and angkor thom has a large parking lot. you could also try super 99 market and pailin market on western ave in lynn

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          Wow, I never knew about these - I shall have to make a revere trip!

        2. The best I’ve found outside of Lowell, (better than the ones in Revere) is right outside of Fields Corner, on Dot Ave in Dorchester going toward Columbia Road, on the right hand ride. I believe it is just a few blocks out, way before the strip mall with Sunset restaurant and the other Vietnamese market.

          I’m embarrassed to admit I can’t think of the name, because, of course, it didn’t slip off the tongue, but when I have to stock up on things like prahok, frozen lemongrass, and SE Asian veggies for my Khmer cooking binges, this is the place I leave groaning under bagsful of groceries. Just cruise down Do Ave; you’ll find it. Small lot, and lots of street parking….


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          1. re: galleygirl

            These places are Phu Cuong and Truong Thinh II

            1. re: Luther

              Well, I know it's not Phu Kuong, because that's the one across from Ba Le bakery, WAYYY further down Dot Ave, and not nearly as good, but it MAY be Truong Thinh II. Are you sure that's not the one in the little strip mall?

          2. Thanks a ton for the replies! I'll be checking these out and reporting back!