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Feb 18, 2009 11:09 AM

Pizza Napoletana: Mozzarella Upgrade Option?

I just saw a post on the SF chowhound board that in some of the pizza places in Napoli, you can pay a bit extra to upgrade the Mozzarella. True? If so, where? We didn't see it at a number of well-regarded places in old-town Napoli around the university, but maybe January isn't the season for Mozzarella di Bufala?

We liked the pizza, but everywhere we tried it the ingredients lacked a certain something, with the resulting pizza being cheap and tasty but not as good as it could have been.

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  1. deb and i spend march in rome. we'll train down to naples and maybe answer your question. we'll report back sometime in april.

    1. There are some kinds of pizza.
      Lets' say that the simplest pizza, at its origin was only "aglio, olio, pomodoro" meaning garlic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and leaves of fresh basilico. Very often its label is "napoletana".
      Then there is an add on focused on acciughe, meaning anchioves and, seldom, cappers also.
      Its label is "marinara".
      Then, more or less two centuries ago, "napoletana" had un upgrade with mozzarella so that, the white of mozzarella, the green of basilico and the red of tomatoes could be a mirror of our Italian flag.
      The Queen Margherita appreciated very much this new pizza and the pizza maker in Naples liked to name this new kind of pizza with the name of the queen: Margherita.
      But, in this pizza, mozzarella is not the mozzarella di bufala campana. The mozzarella is made with cow milk and it should be correct to name it "fiordilatte".
      And, by the way, this "fiordilatte" is better than mozzarella di bufala to make the "Margherita".
      If you want Mozzarella di bufala upon your "napoletana" you have to explain this your need to the waiter or, maybe, in the list there is a further pizza whose label often contains the word "bufala" or "bufalina".
      The only correct way to prepare pizza with mozzarella di bufala so that it is great and very enjoyable, is to put the slices of mozzarella di bufala upon the pizza when the pizza is coming out from the oven, so that the pizza becomes the hot bed fo the white and delicious mozzarella di bufala avoiding to it to be cooked.
      The best season to taste the true mozzarella di bufala is winter for a market reason: less demand and so easyer to find it.
      I am talking abou the true Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP and be sure that this is the label you read among the ingredients.

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        thanks for the explanation.
        btw, i like your blog. it's fun and informative.