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Feb 18, 2009 11:07 AM

La Belle Province

A few days before Christmas I moved back to Montreal after a few decades away. I work as a Chef. One of the things that I appreciate here is good, honest fast food from chains like La Belle or Lafleurs.
Just give me a couple of Steamed hot dogs (To the uniniated, Montreal Style dogs) and some fries ( they are always fresh cut here. A place selling frozen fries just can't give them away) with a drink. Or maybe some poutine! Nothing fancy, just plain honest food.

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  1. Poutine & steamés, steamés from Lafleurs and from Decarie Dog

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    1. re: bigfellow

      Had a bit too much to drink last week.
      To put the fire out the next day, we headed up St. Laurent, 1st stop Montreal Pool Room for a couple of steamed dogs and fries, gravy on the side.
      Forget the chicago dog, or the california dog, the steamed version hits the nail on the head.
      BTW, also stopped in Fairmont for a few pieces of fried pork belly, Slovenia for a sausage, Schwartz's for smoked meat take-out (slipped on the ice and fell right outside - pretty funny as the panhandler was just looking at me, trying not to laugh, as I pried myself up), then Andes for a sopa de pollo, papusa, and soft taco (take-out as well).

    2. My Montreal dreams always feature Schartz's and of course Montreal-style bagels eaten plain on the sidewalk outside the bakery.

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      1. re: pengcast

        You know theres something to be said about eating on the sidewalk. Doesn't necessarily have to be a bagel or in Montreal - pick up a tasty sandwich, coupla ribs, or whatever, be it MTL, NY, or wherever, and nosh on the sidewalk on a pleasant day.