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Feb 18, 2009 10:34 AM

Suggestions for lunch/dinner near Temple Place and also Cardiff/Swansea

I'm in town from 2/21 (arriving late) until 2/24 and then for the night of 2/28 (saturday night).
This is my first time in London.
I will also be in Wales/Mumbles midweek.

I'm looking for a suggestion of somewhere to eat near the Howard (Temple Place), as I won't be arriving to my hotel until after 11pm. Is there anywhere awesome nearby to eat? I will be jetlagged and feeling like it's only 6pm instead of 11 so I will be hungry.

We are pretty open to new experiences, but my dining partner does not eat seafood so I cannot book at all seafood restaurants.

Planning on a lunch at St John on the 22nd, but need suggestions for the late night meal on the 21st (saturday) and 23rd, and dinner for both nights.
I am open to going to takeaways if they have incredible food, also not adverse to going to a food truck.
The suggestions do not need to be fancy, just looking for good food.
I was thinking of doing lunch at the Borough market, any must see's/must tastes there?

In Wales I will be staying in Cardiff and Swansea, planning on visiting the Swansea market. and looking for shop suggestions on Chippy Alley.

This trip is mainly to eat, visit friends, and visit lots and lots of pubs.
I'm also doing the Fullers Brewery tour on Monday the 23rd.

To let you know about myself, I often travel just to have new dining experiences. I am very open to "offbeat" or unusual dishes. I am not a food snob and not really looking for that fancy schmancy dress up and have a 4 hour meal experience. Although I do aspire to go to the Fat Duck someday ;) Oh and I did get turned down AGAIN this year for El Bulli :)

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your suggestions.

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  1. no one? I figured I would at least get a few recs here.

    1. In Cardiff, we had a very nice lunch at Laguna Kitchen and Bar. The emphasis is on Italian, the menu is quite varied, and the food and atmosphere were very pleasant. Reasonably priced. For dinner I highly recomment Le Gallois. This is considered one of the best, if not THE best, restaurants in Cardiff, with good reason. Superb French cuisine as interpreted by a Welsh chef. Artistic presentation, wonderful flavors, and perfect French service. Not too expensive, not cheap, but worth every penny. If you have a car, you should try the Nag's Head in Usk, a pub with gourmet food, and lots of it, in a cozy atmosphere. If you search this board for my posts from last September, you will find my full reports on each of these. There is wonderful food in Wales but you have to know where to look for it.

      1. For killer fish and chips in Cardiff, check out Top Gun. This is just a humble chippie, but they do a damn good version.