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Feb 18, 2009 10:19 AM

Barbao UWS - Quickie Review

Finally made it to Barbao...just some quickie comments:

Red Dawn Cocktail - spicy spin a margarita - tequila, passion fruit juices, dash of chilis
Daikon Duck Hash appetizer - great - I wish I could have it for breakfast
Short Ribs on lemongrass skewer appetizer
Pork Belly Main - closest thing to Momofuko above 14th st.
Duck fried rice

Big Miss
Crispy red snapper - served in cubes with very sweet sauce - fish mcnuggets?

We did not try any of the noodle dishes. We did have a few other things, none of which were memorable. Mocha bread pudding was a nice dessert.

Nice addition to neighborhood replacing the dreadful Rain. I do still miss Monsoon though...

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  1. Glad you enjoyed...i also recommend the summer rolls (esp the pork) and that yam&shrimp soup...and the pork ragu/stew when they have it as a special...