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Feb 18, 2009 10:13 AM

[London] Decent milkshakes?

Help me satisfy a craving - proper milkshakes in London?

(Please no Tinseltown recommendations...)

More specifically, $10 shakes? I've only seen them on offer at Eagle Bar Diner but there must be somewhere else, surely?

Location / price - irrelevant. Have Oyster, will travel!

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  1. The best two shakes I can remember having here are from Byron (various locations) and Ground in Chiswick.

    Failing either of those, there's always one of those "shakeabout" or "shakeaway - can't remember which - in the Westfield shopping centre. Not to my liking but they're very popular...

    1. I really like the shakes at Leon and Gourmet Burger Kitchen (I have vanilla in both - my husband loves the Oreo one in GBK) but I'm not sure I know what your classing as a proper milkshake..they are both imo proper and v.v.v.tasty!

      Also theres a store in Greenwich sells only milkshakes but I've never been in it - it was recommended to me by a friend from work but he was a fan of tinseltown so it may not be to your liking!

      1. has anyone had the shakes at Fatboy's Diner in Canary Wharf? I had lunch there once but had a coke float I seem to remember. It's a fun place to go to anyway and there's always interesting art stuff on at Trinity Buoy Wharf where the diner is located