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Feb 18, 2009 10:04 AM

Anyone been to Hatfield's lately?

I'm thinking of taking the gf out this week to try their 7-course tasting menu. We've been meaning to go out there for a while and I'm thinking this might be a good time for it. I'm curious to see how others' meals have been over there and any further recommendations for places to go in that ballpark/range.

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  1. Went to Hatfield's on Monday and had their 7-course tasting menu. It was as good as I remembered it and highly recommended. For $85 it is an excellent deal. We went for example to Grace the night before for the chefs tasting menu ($100). And it was quite good but compared to Hatfield's it didn't have this great creativity

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      You know, I was fairly impressed that they didn't change their tasting menu prices after they had won their Michellin star. Maybe this is the opportunity we were looking for to go and dine over there.

      Do you remember much of your meal? How is portion size? I know the menu is season-based, but I want to know what type of meats or fish they had on your particular night.

      1. re: troublemaker

        Since I went there with my wife this Monday we ate a total of 14 different courses - they serve you always two different dishes at each course which is very nice because you get to try even more dishes. Some of the savory courses (each will get five) (just the main ingredients, all of them are of course much more complex) included: "Croque Madame", octopus salad, ricotta agnolotti, cuttlefish risotto, duck breast with foie gras, quail with foie gras, pork belly, hanger steak with short ribs, ocean trout. This was followed by two dessert courses.
        The portion size is relatively small (compared to for example Grace where we had six courses and were really stuffed) but enough.

    2. Providence-5 course tasting menu$85.No corkage fee on Mondays.

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        For Providence I would recommend to spend more money and go for the full experience (Chef's tasting menu). More expansive but you get an outstanding 4-5 hours multi-course experience which is significant better than what you will get at Hatfields.

      2. Bf took me last week for birthday/valentine's. It was pretty good, although I've only done a tasting menu at Bouley in NYC previously.

        We also got the 14 courses. Most of the seafood, which was the first 3 courses was pretty good - cuttlefish, tender octopus, hamachi croque madame but they fell a little flat on the 3rd entrees of hamachi collar and slow cooked trout. Very delicate preparation, I was hoping for some sear or more flavor, but that was taken care of by the accompaniments rather than the fish itself. The next 2 meat courses were yummy and rich - squab breast and foi gras, duck, pork belly (leaner cut and a tad bit dry), and my fave which was the flat iron steak and shortrib. The dessert of chocolate and truffle cake with salted caramel ice cream was the best, although the buttermilk panna cotta was excellent too. The panna cotta was served with a tarragon laced fruit and was pretty assertive against the smooth panna cotta. As with this level of dining, it's also about the accompaniments and sauces that come with the dish. All of the elements of each dish were seasoned well, and although they take some risks flavor-wise, it worked for most of the dishes.

        I felt like it was a good deal, although you'll get smaller portions than say Grace (so I've heard). They're extending their 5 course for $55 for the time being, might be worth checking out.

        1. Providence is well worth the extra drive and cash. I have not enjoyed too much at Hatfields or Grace, but Providence never disappoints. Whether you go for the tasting menu or order a la carte, Providence shines in service, food quality, atmosphere and kitchen skill level. Especially if you like fish.

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          1. re: tablefor1

            We've actually done the full chef's tasting menu at Providence w/ wine pairings and absolutely loved it. It's just we wanted to try something new or different and Hatfield's looked to fit the bill. Barring any changes, we have a reservation set there (at Hatfield's) next week.

            We've also wanted to try a few new spots like Animal and Rustic Canyon, but I want to go somewhere with a little more romantic ambiance and at least from what I've heard, Hatfield's seems to be more cozy and intimate.

            1. re: troublemaker

              Whatever you do get the croque madame

              1. re: ns1

                I know it is one of their signatures dishes but when we had it during the tasting menu it was one of the weakest dishes.

                1. re: honkman

                  Odd. During our TM it was easily one of our favorites.

                  1. re: ns1

                    It was well executed and I know a lot of people love this dish and it is not bad but compared to some other dishes during that tasting menu it was nothing special for bith of us.

          2. Went in late January and enjoyed ourselves.

            We did not do the tasting menu as we were not that hungry, and found the food to be solid and well-priced (albeit with smaller but probably appropriate portions).

            To start we had the revered croque madame which was wonderful and their pan-roasted foie gras which was good for foie but not an especially remarkable preparation.

            For entrees we had the duck breast and hanger steak/short ribs combo which were both tasty. We shared the beignets for dessert and especially loved the accompanying milkshake shot!

            Service was friendly and not intrusive and the place was cozy (we sat on the enclosed patio with heat lamps blasting).

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            1. re: TracyS

              While I have not been recently, I highly recommend the enclosed side patio for both its coziness and privacy. The main room tends toward loud. Be prepared for all white walls, yet the intimacy that a small restaurant brings, and all in a good way.
              And, yes, the croque madame is a must try if you have never had it.

              1. re: carter

                The first time we went to Hatfield's we were seated on the enclosed side patio and hated it and asked them to seat us somewhere inside. We didn't find it cozy or romantic on the side patio but more like an inferior seating for new customers. Last Monday there were hardly any people outside because it was too cold, in the summer the side patio is too hot. I agree that Hatfield's inside is not the most romantic restaurant you will ever see but much better than sitting outside, IMO

                1. re: honkman

                  Actually I thought it romantic in a quaint way. You get the upscale food experience without a restaurant "scene" aka stuffy, pretentious, or crowded. Walls are bare, main dining room is small, and the space is lit mostly by candlelight. Nice and intimate. Wasn't too loud when we were there, but restaurant was maybe 40% full. Maybe try a weeknight Mon-Thurs.