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Feb 18, 2009 09:51 AM

Brick Lane Curry House

Can anyone give me a review about this place?

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    1. I went for the first time last week after high praise from friends. I'm sure there is a better way to say this, but is a British version of an Indian restaurant.
      My wife and I thought everything was very well-prepared and served, and delicious. But, service was slow and we felt a bit rushed. We got the check without asking for it and I would have had a cup of tea and a dessert had we not been dismissed.
      With a good bottle of wine and a pre-dinner drink while we waited at the bar, the bill was $140 with the tip.
      I might go again, but it would be on a Tuesday when I could take my time.

      Banjara up the street on the corner of 1st Ave is probably a bit lesser-quality food, but I'm more comfortable and will have my next Indian meal there.

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      1. re: il Trifulau

        "I'm sure there is a better way to say this, but it's a British version of an Indian restaurant."

        That's exactly what it is. The tip off is that they named it after a street in London.

        From their website -

        "Located on a block of Sixth Street inundated with Indian cuisine, Brick Lane Curry House differentiates itself from its neighbors with a bit more flash and an English-Indian menu. .
        The bright purple fluorescent sign announcing the restaurant's name contrasts with the coolly elegant interior, and the whole enterprise is modeled not after U.S. Indian restaurants, but after the curry houses of Brick Lane in London, where curries have replaced crumpets as the national meal."

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          If you are used to 'british' indian, you will appreciate this place. My husband and I have been hunting for a good chicken tikka masala in nyc for ages. This is the closest we can find. That being said, the place itself is rather lackluster. It's a notch above most of the other joints in 'indian row' but not by a lot. It's not a bad spot by any means and most of the food I have eaten there is definitely passable and hits the spot if you are craving curry and bhajis. Another option is Haveli on 2nd Ave at E6th.

          PS I read Brick Lane opened another location in midtown, anyone think that one is better?

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            I don't really like this place. I went once and have no desire to return, thought the food was kind of bland and the whole restaurant was generally over-priced in my opinion. The quality didn't seem that higher than the less expensive restaurants on East 6th Street. I think I like Banjara more if I'm going to eat Indian food over there.

            1. re: bolletje

              You may like Banjara more but it sure isn't less expensive that Brick Lane.


              Brick Lane: