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You've been cursed by the food gods and can only cook 12 recipes the rest of your life! What are they?

Mine would be:

Bolognese sauce
Roast Chicken
Barbequed Ribs
Thick ribeye steak
Sunday Gravy with Meatballs
Shrimp Scampi
Seafood Gumbo
Oyster Poboys
Pan-seared Sea Bass
Eggs Benedict
Texas Briskit

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  1. You don't say if a single marinade OR side dishes are part of this equation, so mine would be:

    Roasted Chicken
    Cream Cheese Scrambled Eggs with Crispy Bacon & Toasted English Muffin
    Beef Stew
    Grilled Hangar Steak
    Spaghetti & Meat Sauce
    Maple-Roasted Salmon
    Scallops in Cream Sauce
    Shrimp Scampi
    Roasted Pork Tenderloin
    Chef's Salad
    ETA: Roasted Leg of Lamb (swapping out the Tuscan Bean Soup - I *knew* I'd see something else I'd want after reading other posts, and sure enough, shallots reminded me of one of my favorite meats!)
    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    1. Filet mignon (in beef wellington)
      Shrimp scampi
      Meat with Five spice and hoisin sauce
      Chicken andouille gumbo
      Red beans and rice
      my recipe for blueberry bagels (with cream cheese)
      waffles with sour cherry jelly and good butter
      apple spice cake
      slow roasted pork shoulder
      (Jacques Pepin's) Leg of Lamb (marinate in soysauce, ginger, garlic)
      Roast chicken

      1. What about dessert? I love to bake, so I'd have to have my fruit crisp recipe (which can be made with different fruits, so more variety).

        This is hard for me, because I don't cook a lot of main dish-type meals from recipes and I do a lot of variations on my basic weekday dinner that goes something like: saute some "protein" with onions, garlic, herbs, veggies, finish/deglaze with wine/broth/cream and serve over potatoes/pasta/rice and maybe a grating of parm or a spoonful of sour cream. Is that a recipe?

        1. Laab & khao niyao, makizushi, sashimi with hot gohan, fonds d' artichauts princesse, le canard rounnais, enchiladas, tamales, mondongo, momos, goat curry, fruit & yogurt, quick Japanese vegetable pickles, black beans & rice.

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            I was hoping you'd reply, Sam, knowing it would be a veritable world menu! I don't know what a lot of what you wrote is, but I'd (hopefully!) enjoy trying it out!

          2. Pistachio Stuffed Pork Loin Roast
            Chicken Breast Roulade in Sherry
            City Chicken
            Bacon, Artichoke, Pine Nut Deep Dish Pizza
            Orange Croissant French Toast
            Lamb stew with dumplings
            Veal Piccata
            Veal Parmesan
            My wife’s lasagna

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              Sorry - I meant main courses - we could always do lists for sweets and sides....

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                I think Orange Croissant French Toast and Aebleskivers could qualify as a main courses, if you like breakfast.
                Baumkuchen wouldn't qualify as a main course on most menus but if you've ever makde it you might think it could be used as a main course with a glass of good Spanish Port and/or a cup of strong coffee - OMG, heaven.

              2. I'll play (and assume that I'd gain no weight from eating only these things all the time!)

                My lasagna
                Homemade Pizza
                Grilled salmon
                Buffalo burgers
                BBQ baby back pork ribs
                Braised Lamb Shanks
                Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
                Wild morel risotto
                Freshly caught crab and oysters
                Chicken tacos
                Grilled dry-aged rib eye steaks


                1. In no particular order:

                  -Caeser Salad
                  -Texas style bbq brisket
                  -Fried Seafood Combo(shrimp, soft shell clams with bellies, scallops, whitefish)
                  -Lobster roll
                  -Prime rib
                  -Steamed soft shell clams with broth and melted butter
                  -BBQ ribs
                  -Veal parmagiana
                  -NY style pizza
                  -The perfect hamburger

                  1. Rima and Richard Collin's Chicken Pontalba (from the "New Orleans Cookbook")
                    Steak au poivre
                    Julia Child's Poisson a la Parisienne
                    Spaghetti and Meatballs
                    Szechuan Shrimp
                    Singaporean Chili Crab
                    Eggs Benedict
                    Roast Turkey With Herbed Bread Stuffing
                    Singaporean Chicken Rice with hot and sweet chili sauces, covered with sprigs of cilantro and served with a container of spicy chicken broth
                    an American Hamburger, ketchup, mustard, pickle, sliced tomato, raw slice white onion
                    Chicken chalupas like they make them at Sanborn's in Mexico City
                    Lake Michigan pan fried freshwater perch, like they make them at Teibel's in Northwest Indiana and used to make them at Phil Schmidt's, before its demise, in South Chicago

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                      Ah, Sanborns...Their enchilada suizas rule. I have to think about my dozen--will consult with Wifey...

                    2. This is my kind of game;

                      1.Mom's Roasted Chicken
                      3.Slow Roasted Ribs (My Special Plum Sauce)
                      4.Spaghetti and meatballs
                      5.Baked pork chops
                      6.Chicand noodles
                      7.Grilled sirloins
                      8.Roast boneless stuffed lamb
                      9.Stuffed mushrooms'
                      10.Corn Chowder with cornbread
                      11.Ham and Asparagus Omlette
                      12.Poached eggs and peanut butter toast

                      1. 1. Good tomato sauce
                        2. Tomato risotto
                        3. Corn fritters
                        4. Scalloped potatoes
                        5. Roasted brussels sprouts
                        6. Bean chili (the one from How it All Vegan, plus corn)
                        7. Sweet corn, boiled is just fine
                        8. Tomato soup
                        9. Skillet beans with potatoes and greens
                        10. Fried egg sandwiches
                        11. Waffles
                        12. Raspberry banana bran muffins

                        1. Assuming that when I was cursed I was also blessed in not being able to gain weight from eating only these 12 recipes:
                          Rogan Josh
                          Chicken Paprikash
                          Dinuguan with puto
                          Mutton biryani
                          Bacon cheeseburgers
                          Enchiladas with cilantro rice
                          Eggplant florentine
                          Deepdish sausage and pepperoni pizza
                          BBQ ribs
                          Red curry duck

                          1. - veggie lasagna
                            - mac and cheese
                            - matzah ball soup
                            - arugula mushroom salad
                            - cold peanut noodles
                            - fresh onion rings + french fries
                            - french onion soup
                            - hummus and pita chips
                            - sushi or a sushi bowl
                            - mashed potatoes
                            - bean chili
                            - spaghetti and meatballs

                            if only i could eat like this every day without having to buy larger jeans :)

                            1. 1. Pan Seared Strip Steak
                              2. Lexington Style Pulled Pork
                              3. CI's Eggplant Parm.
                              4. Hazen's Bolognese
                              5. Squash and Fennel Soup from Sunday Suppers at Lucques
                              6. Julia's Roast Chicken
                              7. Bittman's bacony brussell sprouts with a soft fried egg.
                              8. Short Ribs from Sunday Suppers at Lucques
                              9. Lobster Roll
                              10. mom's Corned Beef and Cabbage
                              11. Mac and Cheese
                              12. Hamburger

                              disclaimer: List subject to change in warmer weather.

                              1. Pizza with bechemel, shrimp, cheese and arugula
                                good bean buritto with a great salsa, cheese and tons of sour cream and quacamole
                                Mushroom and cheese quesadilla
                                Lobster with lots of butter
                                Stone Crabs, as many as you can give me, butter with lemon and garlic
                                Fettuccini alfredo
                                Rack of lamb
                                Baby back ribs with a great honey spicy BBQ squce
                                Mac and cheese
                                Great Filet Mignon with a simple port wine glaze and portabellos mushrooms

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                                  In no particular order
                                  1.Teriyaki grilled flank steak on rice noodle salad with roasted peppers
                                  2.Shrimp creole
                                  3.Spicy lentil raviioli with yellow tomato sauce breaded fried andouille sausage
                                  4 Perogies
                                  5.Crispy snapper with crawfish cream sauce
                                  6.Chorizo and eggs
                                  7.Taylor Ham
                                  8.A great hamburger
                                  10.Mariio's meatball (with pine nuts) and his basic sauce
                                  11.fettucini with fresh peas and cotta ham
                                  12.Chile shrimp topped with sweet fried walnut.

                                  Can you tell its my first day on South Beach diet?

                                  1. re: don515

                                    Love the snapper with crawfish sauce, yumo

                                2. 1. Kimchee
                                  2. Mom's chicken wings
                                  3. Seaweed & Cucumber sunomono
                                  4. Kalbi
                                  5. Pesto Shrimp & Asparagus Fettucine
                                  6. Gyoza
                                  7. Xiao Long Bao
                                  8. Fish & Chips
                                  9. Pizza
                                  10.Thai Chicken Curry
                                  11. Som Tum
                                  12. Arroz con Pollo

                                  1. Oooo, fun game! Great idea, bayoucook!

                                    -chicken cacciatore, Mario Batali's recipe (COTM, thank you)
                                    -mushroom-blue cheese-shallot phyllo treats
                                    -snazzy ravioli with plum tomato, artichoke, olives, mushrooms in a pink cream sauce
                                    -amazing salad (butter lettuce, avocado, stone fruit, toasted hazelnuts, blue cheese etc) with homemade creamy shallot dressing
                                    -my mom's scalloped potatoes
                                    -bubbly cheesy enchiladas (veg or chicken, not sure which) with creamy sauce from Adobo/Pasilla chiles
                                    -pumpkin or squash risotto
                                    -chicken almond curry with dried fruit and yummy rice (Nigella's recipes)
                                    -veggie lasagna probably with squash and eggplant and spinach and a creamy-ish sauce (theme here???)
                                    -thin crust pizza with eggplant, garlic oil, parmesan -- homemade crust of course
                                    -pancakes -- thin ones -- probably blueberry, with lots of butter
                                    - some kind of amazing sandwich with arugula, homemade dressing, all kinds of cold cuts and ricotta and marinated eggplant Livia (Silver Palate, thanks COTM) on homemade bread

                                    Yeah, and I don't want to get fat on this plan either. HA. Maybe we could all walk around to each other's houses eating each other's twelve faves too, and our exercise from walking could compensate for the calories?!