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Feb 18, 2009 09:34 AM

25+ for dinner on UES?

We've got a large group of PhD students + a keynote speaker that need to eat scrumptious food on the university's tab on the UES, or east midtown-ish (we're starting at 67th & York; the closer the better). Naturally, the university is citing budget cuts and wants us to keep it <$50pp (for food....but a reasonable wine list would also be swell). Thanks for your suggestions!!

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  1. Our Place on East 54th has delicous "Shanghainese" food at a reasonable price. If the students like Indian food, the Darbar Grill on the same street is also excellent and similarly priced..

    1. Tony's di Napoli-2nd and 83rd-but I dont see how you are going to be able to hear the speaker

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        I was thinking Tony's, too. There is definitely room. Food is family style and you can get a lot of bang for your buck with a large group. But, right about the this speech taking place at the dinner? Or does the dinner follow the presentation at another location?

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          Sorry, I should've specified. We're just taking the speaker out to dinner....the talk is the following day. I guess I was trying to convey that we want a place that's classy enough to take an honored guest :)

          I've been to Tony's and you're right about the space and the price, but I don't recall being particularly impressed by the food.

      2. At that size would it be better to find a restaurant with a private dining space? I did a search on NY Mag for UES + private dining area...maybe that could give some more options. How about Lumi or Brasserie Julien?

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          I have had good meals at Julien and the space is nice. Never been with large groups, but the have always seemed accommodating.

        2. When we're in that neighborhood (across the street at Memorial) we like to go to Evergreen.... really good Dim Sum. In the past they were known for their wine collection... don't know if that's still the case. They're at 69th and First. For $50 per you could really chow down..... Chef's specials are good too. However, I don't know how they accommodate groups.. check Zagats and give them a call.