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Feb 18, 2009 09:33 AM

good restaurants without lots of salt

hello there. my parents are coming into town, and I would like to take them out to eat. big on eating in my family. because of some issues with his blood pressure, though, now my father is really limiting his salt intake. Any suggestions for good restaurants to take them to where my dad can enjoy some food that meets his dietary needs? many thanks!!

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  1. That's a really tough one. If you notice, people have posted about this before and there were no responses. The only thing that comes to mind is pump but that's not a place you take out of towners for a nice meal! Take out/delivery , sure, but not a nice sit down! You can go to a nice Chinese retaurant and order no msg and off of th diet menu! You can try Shun Lee Palace.

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      The difficulty is that those "spa cuisine" dishes tend to be bland and boring, and low-salt or even saltless food doesn't have to be boring and devoid of herbs, spices, and tasty reductions.

      lnikolop, I think your best plan of action, money allowing, would be to go to a high-end restaurant and both when you reserve and at the restaurant, explain that your father is on a very low-salt diet for health reasons. A good high-end restaurant would be happy to meet the challenge. I can't suggest a particular high-end restaurant, but if you have any favorite ones of your own, contact them. One thought is that Union Square Cafe is known for terrific service and being super-accommodating to customers. I haven't been there for several years, so this isn't really a personal recommendation, but it's a thought, just in case you don't already have your own favorite high-end places (though some people would deny that Union Square Cafe is high-end, from their standpoint).

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        The last place I would consider for low sodium is a Chinese restaurant! Choose whatever your venue is and give strict orders to waitstaff not to use ANY SALT in your dad'd choice-he can always add his own if needed. And just don't order dishes that require salting as part of the process, ie lox, pickles-u get the idea.

      2. Maybe you could try that new restaurant Rouge Tomate on the UES (around 60th and 5th)? Healthy menu but it has received excellent reviews.

        1. thanks all for the responses, very appreciated. here's to some good food and good company.....