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Feb 18, 2009 09:01 AM

Stay away from Myrna's Cafe in Blue Bell

Probably the single worst dining experience I've ever had in my life. For starters, they have to be the rudest people in a service business I have ever encountered. But let's not even go there. I ordered rack of lamb, medium rare, and got a nasty looking plate with well done lamb chop-crap smothered in a gross looking brownish red gravy with mashed potato gook under it. When I politely protested that they were not how I ordered them, the plate was snatched away from me and RETURNED AS IS in 2 minutes with a curt "because of the way we prepare these they cannot be cooked medium rare". No offer for another choice, NOTHING. I paid the bill, walked out and will NEVER go back. STAY FAR AWAY!

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  1. I can't agree with you more on the food, the service was pretty lame as wellm when I went for the first time a couple months ago. I got some grilled shrimp and risotto. It was horrible. the shrimp was under cooked and the risotto was crunchy (not al dente)...crunchy...I'm not joking. CRUNCHY...

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      I feel so vindicated by all the responses! I hear people say how much they love this place - ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Thanks for letting me know it's not just me.

    2. "because of the way we prepare these they cannot be cooked medium rare"

      I think I would've had to respond:

      "because of the way you prepare this, I cannot pay for it"

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      1. It used to be an occasional lunch stop for us until a couple of months ago. We had poor service and horrible food. I ordered one of the lunch specials. It was a burger and I requested it medium and it came out like a hockey puck. They replaced it in 3 minutes with a raw burger. I will not go back.

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        1. They used to be very good when they were in Jenkintown...which was a long time ago

          1. We used to go there all the time when it was in jenkintown and it was really good. We went one time to blue bell and it was terrible. We have not been back since.