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Feb 18, 2009 09:01 AM

Oysters PLease?

I need a fix, big time. Ages since I last had oysters at the bar at Sansom St. Oyster House, and I'm not even sure they are still open.

Where would you suggest for the best quality/variety? Top notch all around seafood menu also important to me, but I'd like to choose where upon the oyster quality. Not expecting price to be an object here!

Thanks much for all suggestions.


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  1. well, the only places I know of right now are Ansill and Coquette - although if you are serious about oysters, call Ippolitos and order what they have available that you like (usually 8 or more varieties. ) You can get 2-4 of each and they will shuck them if you can't!

    1. Pub & Kitchen has them on the menu and periodically seems to have different varietals on special.

      1. If you're in the burbs, San Marco in Springhouse usually has excellent fresh oysters and a very nice Dover sole.

        1. For pub/tavern atmosphere and good oysters: Standard Tap in Northern Liberties and Johnny Brenda's in Fishtown (which has half price raw bar during happy hour)

          1. Look no further my friend. I'm not going to say this place is upscale, but it has been there since 1912. Snockeys on 2nd and Washington. Little seafood house that serves up a mean happy hour if you can get there in time. I think lagers and miller lites are a buck, .75 oysters (12 different kinds daily), .50 steamers. I'm not a huge oyster fan, but my friends are and they love this place.


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              oceanaire has a great selection as does butcher & singer. they both offer the hard to find hog island oyster from tomales bay in california as well as the olympia and hama hama.

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                I'm Philly born and bred but I never heard of Snockey's. And I even worked in center city for two summers. Many thanks for this new oystery to expolore!


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                  The last time we went to Snockeys was - the last time. We were very disappointed.
                  The fried oysters were all breading, very little oyster, very little taste.
                  Maybe it got better.

                  Coquette is fun and pleasant, good place for oysters. We also have had good oysters at McCormick and Schmick. It will be great if Sansom Street is brought back to how it was in its heyday - a place we all enjoyed. The downhill run was sad.