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Feb 18, 2009 09:00 AM

Toaster Recommendation

I have been using a Krups toaster oven for a few years and have been happy with the oven portion for baking small items. The toaster portion was passable but never great but now its barely working at all. Since the oven is fine, I am thinking of getting an old fashioned toaster
and pull it out when I need it. Does anybody have a favorite brand that they would recommend for really good browning ? Thanks for your help

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  1. I don't know about brands that work well...

    Received a T-Fal 4 slice toaster as a wedding gift, it has never work right. The coils don't heat evenly, so bread toast on one side not the other, and the heat control is out the window, one time it burns the bread, the next it doesn't toast at all, on the same setting.

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    1. re: Demented

      Equally demented here. I have a Cuisinart 2-slice toaster. A one-function appliance that can't perform that one function: bread toasts on one side but not the other. Didn't when it was new two years ago, doesn't now.
      A useless POS.... Bleh....

      1. re: fauchon

        Weird- I have that toaster as well but it only does one side if it is on the "bagel" setting. I've never tried that setting because I still prefer the bagel to be toasted on both sides.

    2. Don't laugh ... a Betty Crocker 4 slice toaster, very inexpensive, great had it for 7 years, still great, it is white. My mom has a very expensive one as a present ... hers died 4 years later. I primarily use it for bagles, toast, english muffins, etc. Not much else.

      1. I have a Breville Die-Cast 2-slice Smart Toaster that I bought a month ago after owning several other toasters that never toasted evenly. It was expensive but is the best toaster I have ever had.

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          I have a Breville too. It does a great job. I love the lifting mechanism to assist with getting things out of it. My only complaint is the temperature adjustment dial. It is hard to read. They are redesigning them so hopefully that issue will be addressed in the new models.

        2. I have a very, very basic Proctor Silex model that I believe was $8 at K-Mart about 10 years ago. I am really not looking forward to the day it dies, because every other model I see in stores these days seems to be ridiculously huge. Why does a toaster need to be nine inches thick? I simply don't get it.

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          1. re: dmd_kc

            I second that. Probably why I like my little one. I love it. Simple easy, reliable, and it was cheap! I wouldn't trade it for anything until it dies. Hopefully not for a while :)

            1. re: kchurchill5

              Do you know if the the Betty Crocker come in a 2 slice? The 4 slice versions are all so big ! I am not planning on keeping this on the counter, so storage space is also an issue.
              barb2007: how expensive was the Breville ?

              1. re: pasta

                My ex bought a T-Fal Avante toaster because it was stylish. Stylish it was, but it did a very poor job of toasting and was very uneven. I replaced it with a B&D T2560B two slice toaster. $ 19 at Wal-Mart. This toaster does a far better and more even job of toasting. Not as stylish, but I can live with that. It is noteworthy to report that for me, the cheap toasters at Wal-Mart, Target and the like have worked far better than the expensive T-Fals, Cuisinarts and the like from the kitchen stores. They can look gorgeous, but if it doesn't do an adequate job of even toasting, what good is it?

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                  The Breville toaster cost $129.95. I purchased it at Williams-Sonoma. That price seems to be standard no matter where it is purchased. I believe they are also available through Amazon. I wanted to see and touch it before I bought one. Very pleased with it.

            2. Check out for more information. It is the Die Cast Smart Toaster - not the ikon.

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              1. re: barb2007

                Sunbeam T-35, best toaster ever made. End of thread.

                1. re: EscapeVelocity

                  Umm, well I've had a 3 slice Dualit toaster for about 10 years. Hideously priced but a real work of art. Makes perfect toast every single time.

                  ** End of Thread**

                  1. re: toastnjam

                    Completely agree.

                    These sunbeam radiant control toasters are incredible! Higher wattage (1250-1375 watts) cooks faster and doesn't dry out the bread as much resulting in a more moist and chewy center.

                    Also, they control toasting by sensing the radiant heat given off by the toast, not a timer like all other toasters. Therefore frozen, thick, or thin bread, muffins and bagels all come out exactly the same shade with the same shade control setting selected.

                    They are like no other toasters available at any price point.

                  2. re: EscapeVelocity

                    Sunbeam AT-W also a vintage gem, works forever, awesome performance, looks current. Check out eBay..

                    1. re: EscapeVelocity

                      Agreed. When my mother passed away, my sister, aunt and I all wanted her Sunbeam toaster. My sister actually got it, so I get by with a cheap Hamilton Beach toaster oven that actually makes decent toast. I once had a Cuisinart toaster oven, the one with sort of wings on the sides at the bottom, and it made decent toast too. I guess I am lucky when it comes to toaster ovens!