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Feb 18, 2009 08:40 AM

Taiwan Cafe Menu Suggestions

I'm planning on making another trip to Taiwan Cafe and I'm looking for dish suggestions. I'm going with a small group so we can try more things.

I found one recommendation for the Beef with Horn Peppers in the boards. I really enjoyed the Squid with Basil (Three Cups Squid?).

Any other suggestions from Taiwan Cafe fans?

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  1. Lots of reviews if you search. Here's one from DaveMP who enjoyed a super lunch there -->

    I like the pork and crab soup dumplings, longhorn peppers with beef, pork chop plate, and the clams with black beans.

    1. any of the lunch specials and rice plates. there is also a nice braised pork thigh dish listed on the wall

      1. Soup dumplings (some say their skin is too thick, but we like them a lot)
        jellyfish and spicy pig ears
        beef w/longhorn peppers
        ma po tofu
        pork w/bamboo tip
        eggplant w/basil
        clams w/basil
        saltNpepper shrimps
        and (don't laugh) the sweet and sour chicken, it's actually sour with an excellent fry job.

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        1. re: ScubaSteve

          I completely agree with the S&S Chicken and Pork, both are delicious.

          Quite a few of my favorites have been mentioned but a couple more are

          Sauteed Eel w/ Yellow Chive
          Beef with Chinese watercress in sa-cha sauce

          Honestly I don't think I've ever had anything I would call bad on that menu and I eat here about once a week.

        2. Scrambled Egg with Beef & tomato over rice.