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Feb 18, 2009 08:35 AM

New Cafe On Royerford's Main Strip

Did a quick drive-by the other day and now I can't recall the name. Googling came up empty. Can someone fill me in?

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  1. Where on the "Main Strip"? Lewis Road? Main Street? Anything around it that might ring a bell?

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    1. re: obx_nancy

      I come from Phoenixville on 2nd and so yeah...I guess that's Main Street. Further down from Lewis towards the RR crossing on your way to Spring City. It's a few shops up from the New Orleans-inspired joint.

    2. I heard something about that this past weekend; all I know is that it's in the old Best Spot In Town space. Between 3rd and 2nd Avenues on Main St.

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        I go home that way. I'll have to check it out. Has anyone ever eaten at the French Quarter Bistro? I've never been and wonder how it is.

        Also, I just went to the bar and grill at the Spring Hollow Golf club last Friday night. The space is beautiful and they have a GREAT beer selection. There menu looks really nice too.

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          Hi obx_nancy -
          We have been to the French Quarter a number of times over the past couple of years. We initially liked it, but each subsequent visit has been less appealing. We heard from the server that the chef had left, and someone else took over her spot. The server and the new chef are very nice, and they both work hard, no doubt, but it is just not to our taste anymore. Had the crabcake a few weeks ago, and it was really not good at all - crab hardly evident, and greasy. Two other people in our large party had the same, and agreed with me. I hope that things get a little more back on track there, at least their food offerings are unique in this area! :)

          1. re: CucinadiNana

            I think I would agree with CucinadiNana about the French Quarter Bistro. The first few times I went there I thought it was absolutely phenomenal (this is going back 7 years or so). However I have noticed that the quality as of late has not been the same.

            I will be moving from Collegeville to Blue Bell at the end of March and based on my last few meals there I can say that it wouldn't be worth the drive to go there while before it absolutely would have been.

            1. re: mitchh

              The owner of the French Quarter Bistro also owns Satchmo's in Collegeville. They have really good Muffalettas, Po'Boys and pulled pork sandwiches there. It's on Main St, across from the Wawa and the Collegeville Diner.

      2. I went past it tonight; it's called Cafe Rofo.

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          I went to Cafe Rofo yesterday for lunch and it was great! I had the Chicken Pesto sandwich and my friend had the Hamburger...she said it was the best hamburger she has had in a long long time! The staff was very friendly and the restaurant was renovated since the last few owners. Its at 263 Main Street, Royersford. They take all credit cards. We would both highly recommend!