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Can you help me pick a restaurant...

It is my turn to pick a restaurant for a dinner group of 10 women (foodies). The objective is an ethnic restaurant, not too expensive, and on the westside. We have already done Morrocan and Russian. Any suggestions?

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  1. How about the back room at Musha? Also, it might help you get more useful responses if you could be more specific as to what you mean by not too expensive.

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      i concur with mollyomormon about the back private room at musha being a #1 choice.
      if you can't get that room, then i'd go to shamshiri grill on westwood blvd for persian food.

      1. re: westsidegal

        musha in santa monica is great! try the mackerel thats grilled with a torch and the yuzu chicken

        Indonesian: Simpang Asia on National or Ramayani on Westwood

        both places are friendly on the wallet

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          I'll 4th the vote for Musha in Santa Monica!

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          always wondered about shamshiri.....
          what about Thai food. Is there an upscale thai place that has good food?

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            My favorite Thai on the westside is Thai Boom, but it is far from upscale. Emporium Thai on Westwood is run by a brother of the family that owns Jitlada, but parking will be difficult. For "upscale" Thai, the obvious choice is Chan Dara on Pico, with its modern hip attractive vibe, and Thai House in Westwood Village, which is surprisingly quiet, carpeted, and civilized.

            I was going to suggest Monte Alban or Mariscos Chente, but I'm now thinking they aren't going to fit your group.

            I am also worried about Shamshiri for a group of ten women. Westsidegal is a local 'hound who loves Shamshiri, but she has already recognized and posted that they get chintzy when groups start splitting entrees, often charging a supplement. Shamshiri's portions are generous, so their policy is not unreasonable, but couple that with the sexism of the middle-eastern culture and (please don't flame me for this) I'm worried you will not have the best experience.

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          I have never tried Musha or seen it for that matter, and i am in that are all the time. Thanks, I will check it out on my own first this weekend. Good point about the $$ - I was thinking with alcohol - not to exceed $50 per person.

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            cool, you can easily come in under that price point at Musha!

        4. Gardens of Taxco on Harper & Santa Monica...gardensoftaxco.com. Mexcican food like you never have had..the waiter singing the menu explains it all.

          1. I just had dinner with 3 girls at Yabu (Pico location) and had a great time. We each ordered 2 small plates and a bowl of rice. Everything was really tasty but the beef tataki & braised pork were standouts. And chawan mushi, but it was hard to share. No alcohol & no sushi. We each paid $24 and were full. I love this place. The northeast corner of the restaurant would be perfect for a group of 10.

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              10 women and no Alcohol - ugh! :) lol

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                I meant we didn't order alcohol & sushi. They serve both. I only mentioned it as a point of reference for the cost of the meal.

            2. Patric Kuh (lamag) is quoted as saying something to the effect of 'French cuisine is the real ethnic cuisine in los angeles' and when you think about it, there are far, far fewer French places than, say Mexican or Japanese, and the diversity of the population lends itself to this argument as well.

              That being said, Merkato on Fairfax is good for Ethiopian.
              Also, misc: Tokyo Table on La Cienega (Jap-fusion), Carlitos Gardel (Argentinean) on Melrose, Baran (Persian) on Westwood.

              1. Musha is a no brainer -- enjoy!

                1. maybe a korean BBQ restaurant. If you go to koreatown its cheaper but theres some on the westside that are a little pricier. Gyenari or Shin BBQ.

                  1. How about Warszawa? It is a Polish restaurant on Lincoln. It would definetaly accomodate your group, the food is great and the decor is cute.

                    1. Try Ethiopian: Merkato or Meals by Genet on Fairfax are both quite good. I like Genet a bit better.