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Feb 18, 2009 08:24 AM

Bridal Shower on Arthur Avenue

I'm throwing my sister a bridal shower this spring, and we would like to hold it in a restaurant around Arthur Avenue. We're expecting about 50 people. Does anyone have any recommendations or experience working with the restaurants over there? I'm planning on checking out Roberto's, which I went to once and enjoyed, and Anne & Tony's, on the recommendation of a friend. Are there any other places I should look into? I'll look into costs on my own a little later.

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  1. We went to a major birthday party at Roberto's Trattoria Zero Otto Nove, with about 30-40 guests; it was lots of fun and the food was excellent. There's an upstairs section there which overlooks the main dining area, and that was dedicated to the party's use.

    Roberto's original restaurant has a downstairs "wine cellar" section that's available for parties. It's a more enclosed space - much tougher for people to table-hop - and I'm not sure how many guests it can handle. Can't go wrong with the food, though.