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Feb 18, 2009 07:43 AM

Best Brisket: black's?

so, as my earlier post said, we have been to Lockhart before, with stops to both Black's and Smitty's. I had wanted somewhere new, and recommendations were: Cooper's in Llano, City Market in Luling, Opie's in Spicewood and Snow's in Lexington.

Of those, which one has the best brisket? We are not sausage fans...ribs, have to be in the mood, but brisket--anytime!

Thank you! I leave today!!

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  1. I don't think that you can miss with any of those on any given day. I've been to City Market and loved both the brisket and the pork ribs. What I liked the most was that the smokiness was part of the experience without overwhelming the beef and pork flavors and textures (fatty brisket, of course). Yum!

    1. While all your recommendations will provide great brisket, I have found Louie Mueller's in Taylor to have the most consistently excellent as it specifically relates to brisket.

      You know who doesn't? Buzzie's BBQ in Kerrville. I have been on a quest to try as many of the Texas Monthly Top 50 as possible and was there this past weekend. Absolutely a joke. No smoke ring at all with the color and consistency of a medium well pork chop.

      1. Disclosure note - Boston yankee (not yankee fan though) checking in. Just visited Black's and City Market a couple of weeks ago fr a briske/sausage duel and both had A-1 brisket. Close enought to call it a tie. If we had any more room we would have headed on over to Smitty's for just a little more but had to fold. If we had places like City Market, Black's or Smitty's up in these parts, the lines would be out the door 24/7!

        1. I've been to both Black's and City Market, both are excellent choices with a nod to City Market. Haven't been to Snow's yet, maybe this Saturday or next.

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            Having just been to Snow's this past weekend, I highly recommend getting the fatty end of the brisket (I believe it's the point cut). Ask for it specifically and wait a little longer, if necessary. You won't be disappointed. It's not a bad idea to order from both ends to do your own comparison but, for me, one end was pedestrian and the other was sublime.


          2. I have been to all 4 of the places to which you are thinking about going. I'd say Snow's has the best brisket of the 4 with City Market in Luling a close 2nd. Snow's is only open on Saturdays though, so watch out. Cooper's was good, but didn't live up to its billing. Opie's, as I remember, was also good, but wasn't a contender like I'd say the other's on your list are (with the exception of Black's, which I don't think it's nearly as good as Smitty's, Snow's or City Market) . That being said I didn't order when I had Opie's and the brisket I had was much leaner than I would ever order.