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Feb 18, 2009 07:38 AM


My wife and I have reservations at Irene's tomorrow night.
Can you tell me if there is a specific dress code to follow? Are jeans and a casual shirt ok?
Any special dishes that you might recommend?
Thanks for your help

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  1. Depends what the jeans and shirt are like. If the shirt is a crisp shirt with a collar, you'll be fine, and the jeans with the elastic waistband and the loop for the hammer probably won't do. And I'd say sneakers are out. I don't think Irene's has a formal dress code, but I'd aim for dressy casual.

    1. the waitstaff are in tuxedo jackets, if that helps any. its a tablecloth place, and while not super formal, dressing in a jacket or nice shirt is common & best.

      i would not recommend jeans & casual shirts/tees... probably could, mind you, but it just sorta cheapens the atmosphere for fellow diners.

      1. Their escargot are excellent. I would order one of their specials for my entree, though, as they are typically fabulous. They do a great job with steak.