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Feb 18, 2009 07:28 AM

Dinner: Authentic fare in Downtown Memphis?

I'll be traveling on business, staying at the Doubletree in downtown Memphis, and would like to experience some authentic regional fare while there. Barbecue naturally comes to mind, but the sky's the limit cuisine-wise.

I welcome and value your suggestions!

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  1. I am fairly new to memphis but live downtown. There are a couple of places.

    Barbecue -

    1. Try Rendevous. they serve very good ribs specializing in Dry rubs.

    2. For Lunch, there is Leonards and they have a BBQ buffet


    The Little Tea Shop is only open for lunch and you will get a little taste of the south. very quaint and the owner is a sweetheart.

    There are other places in Memphis which may be better so i look forward to other posts from more seasoned true Memphians.

    Have fun!

    1. Cozy Corner is some of the best barbecue around and is on the north end of downtown. Their specialty is barbecued cornish hens, but don't miss out on barbecued balogna. Alcenia's is great soul food for lunch on the north side, and across the street from Alcenia's is Westy's with the best hot fudge pie ever.
      On the south side of downtown, you have to go to Gus's fried chicken. There's nothing else like it anywhere.
      If you're wanting something fancy, there are great options downtown. Chez Philippe at the Peabody is worth every penny. Encore at Peabody Place is also wonderful food. The Majestic on Main St. uses a lot of local produce and puts together a great menu.
      If you're going to have a car and be willing to drive, there are a lot of other places around that are worth getting to.

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        I was in Memphis last week and hung out at Westy's a bit. Didn't try the hot fudge pie, but they had lot's of people getting it. Also, they have to have the largest menu for some little bar that i have ever seen!

      2. Thank you all for your recommendations! I'll report back over the weekend.