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Feb 18, 2009 07:12 AM

Indian Buffet / J.H. & Bellerose/Floral Park

I'm looking for an update on fresh & tasty buffets in Jackson Heights and Southeastern Queens. I remember discussions of an old diner on Little Neck Pkwy & Hillside Ave?

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  1. Beside the old stand-bys in JH, there is a newer one called Dehli Heights that has a nice interior and food with a more distinctive taste that we are used to at all the other buffets. I differ with some by thinking Dehli Palace is still good.

    1. I'm not into the old standbys much at all.
      Delhi Heights has a very respectable buffet. Mehfil is more nuanced than the rest, def good in its own right.
      I like al namet - the biryani hits the spot.

      as for jackson diner, and the rest on 74th.... I say pass.

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      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        Do al namet and mehfil do buffets at dinner on weekdays? or do you order a la carte at dinner and the ayce buffet is only at lunch? thanks!

        1. re: Butter Buddha

          Im pretty sure al naimet has buffet all the time. Mehfil does not do dinner buffet.

      2. regarding bellerose / floral park, where might I go for weekday indian buffet?

        I can think of santoor, taste of cochin, sohna punjab, flavor of india but what about some of the other places on hillside or jericho turnpike?