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Feb 18, 2009 06:14 AM

Bridal Shower on Arthur Avenue

I'm throwing my sister a bridal shower this spring, and we would like to hold it in a restaurant around Arthur Avenue. We're expecting about 50 people. Does anyone have any recommendations or experience working with the restaurants over there? I'm planning on checking out Roberto's, which I went to once and enjoyed, and Anne & Tony's, on the recommendation of a friend. Are there any other places I should look into? I'll look into costs on my own a little later.

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  1. Mario's restaurant has a private party room for 40 and a larger room, that he can divide, to accommodate 50. The other restaurants in the area will just give you a part of the main dining room.

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      I was going to suggest Mario's too, they'd do a big party the best. Their food is great too, no matter what others may say.