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Feb 18, 2009 06:11 AM

Black Garlic???

Does anyone (Sam, perhaps) know what the process is for turning ordinary garlic into delicious, umami-rich black garlic? I've been cooking with it a lot the last two weeks in preparation for writing about it for the local paper. My research has yielded wildly conflicting results.

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  1. The only thing I've been able to come up with is the Korean aged garlic. I haven't experimented yet but what I've seen calls for simply placing whole garlic heads into an earthenware container, setting that in a cool dark place like a cave or root cellar, and letting it set for a couple months until it turns black. The garlic may be suspended above aged soy sauce in the container.

    1. You've probably seen this site, but maybe you could ask them?

      1. Thanks, hanna and chocolate; your replies illustrate my dilemma -- completely opposing explanations. Maybe it's done differently in different countries?

        1. Although I have never done it myself I recently searched for the same answer myself. Aging, fermentation, and pickling has long been a difficult and mysterious trade. I believe that I found my answer here:

          It appears to be a patent for the preparation of the aforementioned item. I read the entire length of it and decided that it was probably perpetuated by the one distributor and possible inventor; a man who I believe goes by the name Scott Kim.



          1. hey, pikawicca, did your article get published yet? link?

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