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Feb 18, 2009 06:07 AM

Good, fast, inexpensive dinner near McGill?

Friends and I will be attending a concert on the McGill campus. Need to be at Redpath Hall by 7:45 p.m. and won't be able to meet up until 6:15 or 6:30 p.m. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know the area that well, but my guess is that your choices are rather limited to expensive high end places or chain restaurants that drown in their own mediocrity. If nothing works, Lola Rosa might fit the bill. Yes, it is ovo-lacto and sometimes vegan, but the food (and atmosphere) is miles ahead of Commensal. Partner and I shared a recent lunch of decent cheese/mushroom lasagna and and a nice play on borek (with vegetables and curry spices) and we didn't regret it. I've been also eyeing on the polenta with ratatouille for a while. Well, I didn't wake up dreaming the food next day, but I could have done much much worse in the area. I think the mains are around 10-12 bucks, not dirt cheap, but doable.

    The clientele could be annoying or hilarious, depending on whom you are seated next to and your sense of humor at that moment. Well OK, ordinary folks with no public existential crises go there too, but there always seem to be some sort of drama to watch. If that is not enough, you can open the table drawers and read million anonymous confessional notes and letters left by former clientele. A restaurant, and a postsecret service. What else do you want? Thai Express?

    One heads up: I always go there during odd hours and I am never in a hurry, so not sure how fast they will be on an evening.

    1. You can always go to a classic McGill guetto restaurant. My two personal favourites are Lola Rosa for vegetarian "world" cuisine (I like the avocado quesadilla) or Amelio's for some good greasy pizza or simple pasta (it's a BYO). Both are on Milton, Lola Rosa is just east of the Milton gates so has the advantage of being really close to your concert. Amelio's is on the corner of Ste-Famille.

      1. Saigon on Metcalfe (below Cheap Thrills) serves Vietnamese fast food. I went there yesterday for a yellow curry of tofu and veg; it's decent grub.

        1. I would recommend Access Asie (on Sherbrrooke just west of McGill College) for above average Thai food (esp. the mango and papaya salads). BTW the owner/chef is the same as Mai Thai on Bernard.

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            Are you sure., they' will still be open at that time(I think they have limited hours, mainly serving the University crowd during the daytime)?

          2. L'entrecote St-Jean serves you up pretty quickly, but you don't appear to be a fan...
            There's also El Morroco on Drummond above Sherbrooke. Went last year, but I don't remember how fast they were.