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Feb 18, 2009 05:55 AM

What Meal Keeps You Alive; Are Your Most Common?

Most of us work, go to school or have worked (retired). What do you most commonly eat week nights? In our family, lots of stews and peasant soups that I make on Sunday night and reheat for easy week night suppers. But the most common, would be Hatch red chile sauce w/ diced pork for stacked enchiladas w/ a side of pinto beans and a salad. How about you, Bubba?

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  1. I'm pretty reliant on one-pot meals as a nutritional one-stop when I'm too busy to cook. While that often means red curry, adobo, gumbo or tom yum, sinigang na baboy, spareribs in a spicy sour tamarind broth, has been on repeat in my house more often than "Seinfeld." Not only is the soup really reviving in this cold weather, but I can simply throw in fresh greens with every reheated bowl so that the soup doesn't lose texture after repeated reheatings.

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    1. My style of cooking and what I make haven't changed much from what it was before retiring. When time and/or how I feel require something fast and simple, stir-fry and soup are at the top of the list for fast hot meals.

      I make fresh stock once or twice a month (or more), a quart or two goes in the fridge, the rest gets frozen in ice cube trays, then it's stored in a zip top bag for later use as needed.

      With stock on hand, it take 15 – 20 minutes to make fresh soup. Chop up whatever meat and or vegetables you have on hand and heat it in the stock.

      1. Pasta. It's easy, quick, comforting and goes with pretty much anything in the fridge or freezer. Plus it's cheap and it always makes a good lunch.

        1. For me, it's stir-fry. The veggie, protein, spice/sauce combinations are endless. And how did you know they call me Bubba?

          1. I have a deep freezer full of soups that I pull out and have almost once a week during the winter.

            Our real go-to meal is homemade pizza. we have it at least once a week. I pull a frozen dough and bag of sauce out in the morning and we can get it together in just a few minutes in the evening.

            And, as embarrasing as it is, our "I just can't make dinner tonight and forgot to defrost anything" meal is those morningstar chickpea patties, baked beans, mac n'cheese, and broccoli or salad. We just had it 2 nights ago...