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Feb 18, 2009 05:15 AM

Buff Mozz.

So I went to my local WFM in Dallas to buy Buffalo mozzarella. They were all out and the lady at the counter said that she just pulled them off the shelf 10 minutes ago because they had expired.(The store had just opened). I tried to bribe her and get her to just sell me one because I was going to use it right away and cook it. I've used this cheese on and beyond it's expiration date without problem. she wouldn't do it. She wouldn't even give it to me for free. Apparently it's a liability issue. Ok I get it.
Fast forward 2 months later, I go to my local HEB Central Market store to buy the same cheese. EVERY package is expired (like 3 days ago). I ask the cheese guy if there's anymore in back and he says no. Expecting him to resist, I ask if it's ok to buy these on the shelf. He says sure! I tell him that I'll need to taste it first because IT's EXPIRED! He let's me taste it, it's good, I go on my way. He did not immediately rush to pull the remaining cheese off the shelf.
My question...
Is it illegal for him to sell this cheese or is WFM overly cautious?

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  1. If it was illegal to sell expired food then most stores would be shut down. I always check the expiration dates, but my DH never does and brings home expired items all the time! So I think that WFM is just protecting their image and it's an issue of quality control.

    1. I've been able to beg for buffalo butter at WFM that was off the shelf and expired by 2 days. They didn't charge me and I was told to use it immediately (geez, it's butter and freezes well too).

      I guess it was in the judicious use of the whine.

      1. you may want to check out this USDA link to the voluntary expiration dates: