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Lost Favorite Entrees

The other night my husband and I went to Toro for dinner. (As an aside: the placed was packed. Recession... what recession??) We discovered that the octopus ceviche was longer on the menu; it had been replaced by a scallop ceviche. This was one of my regular plates at Toro and I was rather disappointed it was "lost." The little appetizer of three deviled eggs at Hungry Mother is another one that I miss. This got me thinking: what other stand-out entrees have we lost at our favorite restaurants...?

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  1. The best fish and chips I've ever had was a special one night at B&G. Sure it was pricey (we're talking B&G, after all), but it was great. Haven't seen it on the menu since.

    1. Spaghetti with sea urchin and bottarga di muggine at Taranta.

      1. Not an entree, but the mini meatballs and chips/dip at Drink from opening menu and butterscotch pudding at Great Bay.

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          I thought someone said the pudding was back. I need to check out the revamped bar menu soon, will find out.

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            I believe Lineage has Great Bay's butterscotch pudding.

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              The butterscotch pudding is back!

            2. The way that Eastern Standard used to do mussels-with cider and fennel...mmmmmm they were my favorite in the city. Though to be fair- I havent yet tried their "new" recipe...

              1. Zon's app of homemade potato chips and onion dip and their meatloaf (replaced by turkey meatloaf they insist is just as good - but they're wrong).

                1. Not an entree either, but I've stopped visiting Clarke's since they got rid of their "must be coated in crack" fries. Used to be the best I've ever had anywhere, and was worth the trip for otherwise average pub food (IMO).

                  1. Pistachio encrusted chicken breast at 224. Off menu for at least 3 years now, but it was the only dish I really liked. I recall waitron saying it would be back because it was "so popular." Alas, it never did and sadly, after a year of waiting, neither did I.

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                      Texas Wings (appetizer) at OnTheBorder. I have however nearly duplicated the recipe at home.......

                    2. Soft shell crabs at the long-gone Maison Robert and artichokes on menus in general.

                      1. It's not an entree, or even an appetizer, but I still miss Elephant Walk's mango mousse, and it's been years since they pulled it from the menu!

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                          Stuffed cabbage at the Reef...........sniff, sniff.........

                        2. Really, really lost: the truffled gnocchi w/lobster, peas and mushrooms on the bar menu at No.9. (the one at sportello isn't the same) The whole bar menu, really, if we're talking lost and missed.

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                            I'm with you on that gnocchi purple.

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                              Evidently (I haven't been back to verify) the bar menu is back at No. 9. But it doesn't seem like they restored that version of the gnocchi...

                            2. The apple tarte tatin at Eastern Standard. And I get nervous every time the garlic soup disappears from Grotto's menu, but it always makes a comeback when the weather cools.

                              1. I was a big fan of the wings at Audubon. They were not buffalo, but had a sweet/savory glaze. I thought they were one of the better options there, and the loss is big on a menu which is very limited to begin with.

                                In a somewhat related vien there are specials which I would love to see become permanent menu items at some restaurants. For instance, scallops at Highland Kitchen. Every time I get a scallop special appetizer there, they are cooked absolutely perfectly. I have had three or four different preparations which have all been delicious, though I am longing for the prep that was heavy on the garlic to come back at some point. Whenever we go and there is not a scallop app, we are bummed.